(Sarah, as a newborn…….)




On May 30th, Sarah turned three years old.  We were staying a hotel and as soon as she woke up we gave her the gifts. 


She turned three the day of her Great Grandma Sarah’s funeral, the grandma she was named for. She wore her big yellow dress and looked as pretty as a picture.  (also:new flip flops!)  She blew out a candle on a piece of chocolate cake at the family luncheon.  Her face flushed sweetly pink as she listened to the many voices singing “Happy Birthday”.


When we arrived back at the hotel that afternoon, Sarah got to go swimming.




The next day, she visited with her Grandma Cindy, and they both wore pink shirts.  Grandma and Grandpa gave her a pop-up card and they laughed when Sarah recognized the 20 dollar bill enclosed within.


Sarah is still “our baby” and I only realize how big she’s getting when I can’t carry her in my arms as long as I used to (too heavy) or when I notice how long her legs are getting and how big her vocabulary grows each day.  She is pure sweetness through and through, loves her blankie, her purse, still sucks her finger, has sparkling blue eyes,  sneaks into my nail polish and once painted her entire finger and a streak on her forehead, adores shoes, sings along to her favorite songs, and can’t resist being motherly to dolls, cats, and toys.  We love her so.

Happy third birthday, beautiful girl.




17 thoughts on “three

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! It looks like a good day for her! Girls are so cute in dresses like that. We were thrifting recently and they had some kind of fancy dresses that just happened to be in the size my oldest wears. I let her go ahead and get a couple to wear whenever she wants. I remember loving really long stuff like that when I was a girl. I’m not fully convinced I ever grew out of it.I posted a couple of alternatives to Xanga that I’ve found, but I haven’t had a ton of time to do research.

  2. Three!!! Already?! Time is tearing by at an alarmingly fast speed!!! Three years old???!!! Pass the smelling salts, please!May 30th was my maternal grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 107 years old, a few days ago, if she was still alive.Happy Birthday (belated) Sarah!

  3. sweet sarah! i remember when she was born and it’s been neat watching her and your other kiddos grow up across the screen these years.hugs to you both this morning. xo

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