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I have been sick, along with several of the children, since last Wednesday.  I have had a bad cold and flu type thing (still feeling quite lousy), and Sarah has had a stomach bug/fever sickness.  Jacob, Grace, and Caleb have all had a touch of it as well.  On Sunday morning I had to stay home from church with Sarah and Rich went on with the other six children without us.  Those of you who go to church on Sunday mornings know how hectic it gets (WHY?) and sometimes the children end up at service *not quite ready*……..anyway, our young church friend MIKE sent me this email the other day explaining how his extra muffin from Dunkin Donuts ended up being a blessing to my daughter GRACE.




“This is a story i shared on facebook, but since you guys do not have facebook, something we will have to change in the near future 🙂

I want to show it to you… as well…

One of the things i try to do with Facebook is to use it as a means to open the word of God to people, to show examples of his work and to try to draw non-believers into conversation…

Anyhow the True-Story follows

This has been on my mind all day…

So today on my way to church…i always stop at Dun-kin in sturbridge for breakfast…but for someone reason i drove right past it, partly do in part because i was running a little late, but lateness has never stopped me before.

So after the morning study my stomach was rumbling so i went over to Dunkin Donuts to get a Blueberry muffin, the line was moving quite slow and i was getting a little impatient, the workers behind the stall were frantically trying to keep up with all the customers, not to mention the customer in front was making a extra large order.

eventually the dunkin employee asked what i wanted, i asked for one blueberry muffin, she then handed it to the cashier and proceeded to service the next customer.

Through a series of miscommunications, the cashier ended up charging me for two muffins instead of one, to give me the money back would have taken longer, so i just asked them to give me another muffin, told them it was alright and off i went, but a little annoyed with the long wait…

When i got into the church, i headed into the kitchen and where the teens sat and asked if anyone wanted a Blueberry muffin. Grace raised her hand and so i gave it to her, then i walked out. Grace a few moments later came out to say thank you and said she did not eat breakfast that morning…so i paused and thought about how the events happened and said, AH…see how the Lord works…

Now of course for people who do not believe in God, this is just a series of events that ended up helping Miss Grace. But to me, i see the hand of God working to help his children, to teach me a lesson about being impatient and to show how the Lord can reveal himself in such small ways…

Sometimes what we think is best for us is really the opposite, sometimes when we follow our own “right” path, we end up going the wrong direction – Jacob -“



P.S.  The other interesting thing about this story is that Grace gets sick and dizzy if she goes without eating.  So that extra muffin was such a blessing!



18 thoughts on “a muffin from mike

  1. God is so good. Praise Him, even for “little” things like donuts. Hope you all start feeling better soon.P.S. I think Satan must send out special demons on Sun. mornings, especially to large families. I remember occasionally going to church with the kids fighting, and hubby and I not speaking. Not often, thank God.

  2. I think so often we look for God in those BIG events and miss all those tender moments daily that he shows his love. Challenged to be a “Mike” this week!Hope your family recuperates quickly!!

  3. Amazing lesson. Sometimes the smallest ways that the Lord reveals Himself have the biggest impact on me. I also loved Jacob’s quote. It’s so true, yet so hard to wrap my mind around sometimes, and even harder to submit to.Praying that you all will heal quickly and feel better soon.

  4. What a neat story. I love seeing God work in little ways.There are so many moments throughout our day like that we probably miss because we’re too busy.It’s nice when someone reminds us to stop and look around. :)Hope you all feel better soon!XxOo

  5. Oh to have the eyes and discernment to see how God is working in small,yet profound ways! About a month ago on a Sat. my boys informed me they like crunchy PB – I never bought it thinking they didn’t like it. The next day, (Sunday) we were given a 2 lb jar of extra crunchy Peanut Butter – they had no clue we had just prayed for it the day before 🙂 Every day I ask the Lord to direct my steps and help me be obedient because sometimes those steps don’t seem to make sense to me, irritate me or seem inconvenient to my days plans – divine appointments – to be at the right place at just the right time! Encouraging story of simple way God showed His care and provided. 🙂

  6. hi shanda…….thanks so much for sharing.  i just LOVE hearing stories like this!!  hope everyone is feeling better soon – hugs to you!

  7. What a great story and reminder of how even the things we think are “taking too long” or are a “mistake” in our minds can be used by God as a blessing.  Happy Day to you! :o)

  8. oh, and I feel you on the sickness stuff, we’ve had some kind of upper respiratory/flu stuff run through our house too with varying degrees of sickness.  It’s been three weeks for me and I still feel a touch of it at times, like losing my voice again over the weekend….=( sadly,ibuprofen and claritin have become my friends lately. 

  9. We were all down on Sunday as well. I slept til after noon! It was a hot day and Bob had on sweats all day, so I knew he was under the weather. Hope you all have picked up…we are still dragging, but better! Wonderful story, and such a reminder of all the ways God is there in our everyday!

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