video of a sad frog


Each new year is a surprise to us.  We find that we had virtually forgotten the note of each bird, and when we hear it again, it is remembered like a dream, reminding us of a previous state of existence…..the voice of nature is always encouraging.  Henry David Thoureau

Green spaces may enable children to think more clearly and cope more effectively with life stress……   Nancy Wells



Nature Observations for the last weekend in April, 2013

*David caught frogs, and they cried
*The whole family went on a walk through our woods-saw 2 snakes and a beaver! flowers.  Seth lost his boots in the stream.  Skunk cabbage, frog eggs
*Seth climbed a tree for the first time
*David and E went fishing
*Snickers chased a bumble bee
*Parker caught and ate a big tadpole
*Rich and I hiked 2.3 miles on our date night, saw a snake, vernal pool, a lookout point, mountail laurel (not in bloom yet)
*Sarah watered the garden
*the peas are up
*David collected worms
*the peach tree is in bloom
*We had a picnic-saw hawks flying overhead
*Grace, Sarah, and I watched a colony of ants for a long time
*E and David only go barefoot
*Ethan saw the channel catfish in the pond and got excited


We have some pine trees around the pond and Seth (age four) climbed up in one for the first time.  I was proud, and wasn’t worried.  Ethan, David, and I sat on the grass beneath and kept an eye on him.  David, however, was very concerned.  When Seth decided to descend, David got up.  “I can’t take this anymore.  MOM!  He’s gonna fall!”  He ran off, not able to watch.  Ethan got in the tree to help his little brother.  All was well.


Ethan and Parker the dog.  HIS dog.


Snickers our one and only cat (but we are getting 2 kittens soon, from the contractor who is working on our kitchen!)


I filled up this watering can over and over so that Sarah could water the flowers.   She liked it very much and even talked to the flowers while she gave them a drink.


I asked Rich about taking the children on a walk through the woods and he was willing, so the nine of us got ready and went up into the woods by our house.  Little tender leaves are starting to grow on the trees and bushes.


We went to the beaver pond.  We were all thrilled that we got to see a beaver swimming in the water.  (I couldn’t get a picture of it though)


The beaver pond is shallow and the frogs are numerous.  The boys had a good time wading in and catching them, especially David.  He and Ethan went barefoot on our walk, which made it easy to come and go from the water.




Caleb, our snake lover, had a thrill.  While he was sitting, hot, upon this fallen down tree, Rich spotted a snake in the water right next to him.


David rushed right over to try and catch it but he wasn’t quite brave enough.  It got away.


See it? 



I found a patch of marsh marigold growing by the stream.


David found an old set of mushrooms, they puff smoke when you squeeze them.



A wildflower that I recognize from my childhood.  We had these growing in the woods by our house.


Exploring the stream.  The big boys collected interesting rocks from it. 


The kids like to pull these hard mushrooms/fungi from the trees to carve pictures on them.


These pretty white flowers were everywhere.




pretty moss


David and Ethan continued up to the swamp and found lots of frog eggs.


muddy knees



This moss was dry and felt like wool. 



By the end of the weekend, Dave had a sunburn and he had caught a cooler full of fish (with Ethan) out of our pond.


Sarah’s little hiking sandals.


Rich, repairing the fishing poles.


Little Sarah saw so many interesting things this weekend.  We were all good and tired from all the fresh air.






And now, for a special treat for your viewing pleasure.  Did you know that sometimes a frog will cry pitifully as a defense mechanism if you catch them?  They open their mouths right up and make the saddest noise.  We got it on video.  (Don’t worry, no one got hurt, and the frogs are always treated kindly and put back in the ponds after the boys are done with them)




 The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.  John Muir, age 74

Nature is the chart of God, marking out all His attributes.  anonymous 





24 thoughts on “video of a sad frog

  1. reese was looking with me and kept saying, “doe back doe back.. i want to see reesey piecy.” she thought sarah was her! and after much explanation and her finally getting it now she’s saying, “i want to see sar-wah. where’s sar-wah?” ;)) i think they’d have fun together those two~

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful nature blog. I very much enjoy your photos, and the idea of a nature observation list. Sarah continues to be a sweet adorable little girl and the boys brave and adventurous. I love your family.Oh dear. The frog was indeed crying. That was sad.

  3. @amateurprose – The boys are always catching frogs and turtles and never ever injure them.  If you read the description before the video, you would see that this frog wasn’t hurt and was put back in the pond.  There was absolutely NO HARM done whatsoever. 

  4. @grace_to_be – I too see the similarities in our baby girls (getting bigger every day!)  Reese is so cute!  Does she see herself in picture books, too?   Whenever Sarah sees a little girl with blond hair in a book she says, “THAT’s ME!”  @slmret – So glad you enjoyed it!   

  5. @purpleamethyst76 – Ah. Well, I read everything up until the frog video showed up on my screen. Once I saw the video I skipped over everything else and hit play. I love making an ass out of myself.Sorry. I’m kind of funny when it comes to animals, and that video is kind of pitiful

  6. @amateurprose – Hey, no problem.  We respect the animals, too, and are very interested in what we discover outside on the property.  I agree, the sound is terribly pitiful but once you realize he’s just trying to defend himself, it’s pretty smart/fascinating, too. 

  7. I always love to share in your ramblings and discoveries! Looks like a lovely weekend. Curious how you are coping with a Kitchen remodel with all your gang. Lots of bbq and takeout? The tiny wildflowers, and your flower of a daughter were my favorite bits. I read Jane Eyre recently on your rec. Enjoyed it so much. Do you have Netflix? I watched the 11 part series by the BBC over the weekend, and though they didn’t include everything, they did well in following the book pretty closely.Some dialogue was just like the book. Always, a bit different than our imagination, but they did well overall.

  8. Such a fun post! I’m trying not to be jealous of your flowers.  We have some of the same ones, but not till summer.  The children and I enjoyed the frog video.  Love to you.

  9. love seeing kids enjoying the great outdoors! and you have a great place for that! the snake gave me the shivers 😉 last evening I saw one in a bird house we have hanging on a tree, uggg!! not too happy. Darren tried to “smoke” him out, but it didn’t work. afraid he already had his “lunch” by then 😦

  10. I have never seen such a Nature Family in all my life–Aren’t those snakes in the water poisonous? God cursed them I kill them–Sorry boys I hate snakes–They give me the woollies. I enjoyed the walk–whatalife;;;;;;))

  11. Oh my goodness. I never knew frogs could do that! 🙂 I loved seeing all of these outdoor pictures with your family. You have a very wonderful and full life. It warms my heart to see all of the love and togetherness.

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