brothers and sisters together, on spring break

It was nice growing up with someone like you – someone to lean on, someone to
count on… someone to tell on!  ~Author Unknown


Whenever the children are all home on a school vacation, I miss the homeschooling years.  I get filled up with that contented-mama feeling and say, “This makes me want to homeschool you again!”  Davy really would want me to, he doesn’t like to get up in the mornings and he doesn’t like to work too hard sometimes, but the other children


and have blossomed in ways that have brought tears to my eyes over and over.

Grace sings and her bright personality bubbles over.

Jacob talks and talks.

Ethan exudes confidence.

Caleb has made a name for himself.  (snake boy)

Davy is learning valuable social skills.


And while I love and favor the homeschooling ideals and way of life (so wholesome, so organic), I can’t regret the personal decision we have made in changing up the children’s education experience. 


This is our second year of public schooling, and I must say that this spring break was quite CRAZY busy, I think because I have almost forgotten what it is like to have them all home for days on end.  Practically speaking, I ran the dishwasher four times daily.  There was never, and I mean, never a dull moment.  We had plans that we did not get to accomplish, because we ran out of time.  I still owe Jacob a trip to Savers so he can find clothes like Dr. Who.  And I owe Caleb a trip to the Science Center, too.

The very best part of school break is the time the children get to spend TO.GETH.ER. again, all day long, doing whatever they wanted to do.

Grace gave Davy a lesson on Les Miserables, they listened to the entire soundtract together and Grace explained the storyline.

I had lots of help tending the hens.


Sarah Joy had a hard time finding Mama after her naps.  On this day I was down by the stream, looking for ducks with Caleb.


Davy put his head out the window of the car to make wild hair.   


We went out for ice cream with my sister and her children.


Weston (red shirt), Naomi (yellow), Gracie (black pants), and Abbie (dress)

Seth and Weston, talking (they are a year apart in age).

Caleb (in superman shirt)

Jacob (16 years old) my oldest.

(Weston) 5 years old.


One of my favorite moments came while I was reading outside (while keeping an eye on the little ones dabbling in the pond) and noticed Ethan and Grace sitting together on top of the playset.


One of Seth’s nicknames from his older siblings is “Friend”.  My heart! I love it.

I smile seeing my gang of children still having the best of times, together.  Each moment is a gift.

There is just nothing like the relationships between brothers and sisters, as they share a bond that in some ways even the parents are not a part of.



Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits,
have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can
supply…  ~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814


Did you grow up with siblings?  Were you close?  Are you close today?

17 thoughts on “brothers and sisters together, on spring break

  1. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters (a combination of half siblings and step-siblings) and I love them all differently! My brother Danny is three years younger than me and we used to get into whatever we could get into, or climb on, and we had a bit of a daredevil relationship. We still do that. It’s funny how no matter how old you get, when you are reunited with siblings, everyone’s 12 again! lolMy older sister by two years, Ronda, is my best friend in the whole world. We can and have always been able to finish each others sentences and we can talk on the phone for hours and hours and we text constantly. We joke that we are twins separated by two years, because we like the same stuff and people sometimes even ask if we’re twins because we favor each other in appearance. We haven’t lived closer than 2 hours for many many years and we mourn that regularly. I’d give almost anything to live in the same town with her.

  2. OH, and I absolutely love your children’s sibling love up there! Especially the duo on the top of the play equipment!Your sentence:”There is just nothing like the relationships between brothers and sisters, as they share a bond that in some ways even the parents are not a part of.”I agree, that’s so true.

  3. OH, and in typical stalker fashion I’m back with a 3rd comment, sorry! I forgot to say that we, too, have been to many stores in search of Dr. Who clothing items. I even ordered a red bow tie from Amazon at someone’s Birthday!

  4. @aSeriesofFortunateEvents – thanks, “stalker”, but really I would name you “she who always comments good stuff”  LOL  I love what you wrote about your siblings, and especially Ronda.  And let me know how you make out with the Dr. Who clothes.  It’s too funny that we both have boys on the hunt for them!

  5. I am very close with my siblings. and thankful that we all live near each other. (so far, only four of us are married…five after July 13th! But we made this rule no one is allowed to move away…now if only we can get all spouses to agree. šŸ˜‰ :)Your family is so sweet. Love brother and sister on the play set. I too love seeing my kids together.Today is rainy day #10,000. We just sat down to watch a movie because I was getting ready to choke someone. They need to get outside! Haha!How fun you were able to go out for ice cream with your sister too. I bet the kids love getting together with their cousins.Happy Tuesday to you.

  6. I know what you mean about the joy of watching your chidren together. Last night I took Cerwin and our 3 Pennsylvania children and their spouses out for supper for Cerwin’s birhday. We had the most delightful time. It is so much fun listening to them talk and laugh about growing up days.

  7. I am the oldest of nine.I have seven sisters and one brother.We(sisters)all love to hang out together and are fortunate to live within a 20 mile radius.Our brother(occasionally)is able to join us and we like when he is able to come.Since my parents had 8 daughters we each have a”twin”.My sister next to me is 16 months younger.My Mom sewed us matching dresses and so on down the line.Some of us were actually mistaken for twins(in younger years).We have alot of good memories,long summer evenings spent outside,running through dusty field lanes,raising great clouds of dust,splashing in puddles and ditches after a thunderstorm passed through,games of tag,fifty more,sheep,sheepy come home.We also spent hours in my Mom’s huge garden,pulling weeds,and picking produce.(we thought that was torturous!)Ah,memories!

  8. What a sweet post — I grew up with a sister a year younger than me and a brother two years younger and then another sister ten years younger. My sister, a year younger, passed away ten years ago and I miss her so, plus my brother now lives in Florida and my youngest sister lives in Virginia so we aren’t physically close anymore but we are still close in heart! We have three children, each three years apart and they are very close although our only daughter and her family don’t live in the area. Our two sons live nearby.

  9. I only have one brother. He’s 3 years younger than me. Our parents divorced when I was 10 and he was 7. We weren’t particularly close as kids, but we are close now, even though he lives in Madrid, Spain. My husband is an only child. I think we were both lonesome growing up. Maybe that’s why we had 7 kids. We really enjoy our big family, and our kids get along well. All live nearby except for 1 in Texas, and she gets to visit often.

  10. Your kids were clearly having fun. I have two younger sisters, one is 5 years younger and the other 12 years. We used to fight a bit as kids, but we’re practically friends as we get older. Even with almost same height and build, it’s as if our age difference isn’t much. There are a lot of differences between me and my youngest sister probably because of the 12-year age difference. My younger sister gets along better with both of us. She’s like the mediator.

  11. This makes my heart so happy! I have three older sisters, and we are all very close. My sister Melody has lived with us for the past 7 months but will soon be moving into her own place. Sad. My other two sisters live in Florida, but we stay in touch daily by phone and Facebook. Over the past few years, several people have told us they watch our interactions over FB, and they are jealous. They wish they had siblings they were close to…who love God and love each other. It makes me sad for them. There is absolutely nothing in the world like the friendship of a sibling. Nobody understands your formative years better. I can’t wait to see how your children interact when they get older and have families of their own. Please promise to continue blogging when you are old and gray…or to use whatever the new technology is by then to fill us in the comings and goings and happenings of your sweet family.PS: Love the pic of Grace and Ethan. I wonder what they were chatting about.

  12. I could so relate to you post and words here. . . yes, love the idea of homeschooling, good things about it – but public schooling has been amazing!!! in so so many ways for our children and family and God has worked so wonderfully in our lives and each other and personally like you mentioned. It’s about being in His will. Love the sibling times and pictures. I cherish the times we are all together like never before — and praise God for the one on one time I finally have with the little ones and raise and train them like I did the older ones.Bless you!

  13. I have one sister that is 6 years older than me. We weren’t close as kids because of the age difference and we aren’t close as adults because we are so incredibly different. She’s extremely liberal, I’m very conservative, her main priorities are working and friends and my main priorities are family. She works a full time job, is in college to become a lawyer, is renovating a house that she and her husband are flipping, is a marathon runner, and somewhere in there is raising her 8 year old son. I’m a stay at home, homeschool mom. In her eyes, I don’t amount to much…. but I’m ok with that because I’m right where God wants me.

  14. sweet post! yes, the times together like this remind me of the ‘good ole days’ of homeschooling.. but this new chapter has taught us much too. it’s always an adventure raising these kiddos for sure. hope you’re having a wonderful thursday. hugs!

  15. There are few things that melt me as does a close family… I grew up with 5 siblings, and while we were fairly close as kids, we’re gotten inexpressibly close as we became adults. The gift of family, of close family, of friendship family, is the greatest gift. And one that I want to give to my children as well! I am so inspired by this, by you!

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