easter sunday

0 thoughts on “easter sunday”

  1. Such a beautiful family!! You’re kiddos really shouldn’t be that big. I can’t believe your oldest sons are so tall already!!! In the blink of an eye, and my son will be there. Yikes…. time really must slow down! lol And such a beautiful description of your church service. Although I wasn’t there, it brought tears to my eyes just imagining it. So very beautiful!!

  2. Shanda, Beautiful! Love the pictures and the spring colors bursting forth in the clothes I love matching outfits. I hear ya on letting go of the non essentials and just enjoying the day. Hard to do something but so worth it.Happy Easter! He is Risen ~Cinnamon

  3. Such a wonderful family! I also get teary eyed in church! We don’t sing the same songs in Danish as in English, but the message is still the same wonderful message! Our Savior lives!

  4. Rich congratulation on getting over the threshold of another year so gracefully. You and Shanda have such a beautiful family,it is so amazing that the children seem to enjoy standing in line for Photo session. I know the wish is a tad late;;( message sameLove the song, Love to lead, Love the message. Love to say–JESUS IS MY SAVIOR!!!

  5. I love how the boys have matching shirts! Also love the idea of hiding the baskets in the woods, so cool! I love your strappy church shoes!!! I miss you!Love, JO

  6. bonjour Shanda,you’re lucky to live in natureI wanted to know if you live far from New York, to get an idea of the distances to USAI am always very happy to see the beautiful forests on your blog, it is important, I think, to raise children in the countrywe do not have that chance, we live in town, we have a garden, it is convenient to study, but the nature we need. We are going with family nude walk in the countryside on weekendscordialementà bientôtsoline

  7. Love seeing all the family pictures. So delightful. Your dress is lovely,and you lovely in it! The younger boys, esp. Seth and Caleb look so much older with haircuts and shirts. Tell Grace I sympathize, I have two weddings to go to and the biggest hurdle is my shoes! Your Easter eggs are so pretty!!! Rich is a handsome, YOUNG man, says this old grandma…tell him he is growing in wisdom, and Happy Birthday!! Best of all, the celebration of what our Lord did for us. Isn’t it wonderful to have this time to reflect and remember!

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