sure to be a busy day



We got four and a half inches of snow in the night, and then sleet on top of that……so, it’s another snow day here in our neck of the woods.

We just got done watching “Strawberry Shortcake” on tv (older version) and now the teenage boys (who felt tortured) are insisting that they get to watch “Phineas and Ferb” next because it’s a “better, more creative kind of stupidity”.  laughing

David and Caleb are outside playing in the slush with their beaver sticks.  Caleb is wearing goggles. 

Grace is out in the coop, trying to tame the chickens into pets.

And I’m trying to get my Bible study lesson done for tomorrow and feeling incredibly sleepy.


PS.  I just kissed a Sarah-foot.


0 thoughts on “sure to be a busy day

  1. The picture of Jacob holding Sarah upside down is so funny. Did it come before or after the one of her sitting demurely in his lap? Seth looks pretty interested too. Think he’ll try that when Momma isn’t looking?

  2. WOW! It seems like you have had a lot of snow days! I remember when I was a school teacher, we got one on my birthday! It seems like a special present from God to me! Love the pictures!

  3. Jacob is looking so much like his dad. I know you will have a busy, and I hope fun day! We are having days and days of fog. We think it is kind of cozy though.

  4. Love the pics, especially the second one! I always kiss my 2-year-old’s feet, and I wonder…at what age will his feet be stinky little feet that I want no part of kissing? Or will that never happen? 🙂

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