snow day and then abundant sunshine


It snowed for the night and half the day yesterday!  The children had a snow day and we were all stuck at home (but Rich did make it to work). 

I made pancakes for breakfast and homemade pizza for lunch.  There was enough dough to make a batch of cinnamon rolls, too. 

There were many bird visitors at the feeder.  The children kept calling me to the window and Jacob wanted to take pictures so I opened it up a crack and took some.

This one is a Carolina wren.  It’s a first time visitor, I noticed it started coming a few weeks ago.  It sings so pretty and loves to eat suet.


The mourning doves came, too, and there were about four of them perching on various branches, with their feathers puffed around them.

I made all the children go outside for a little while and Jacob took the BB gun with him.

Guess what he was shooting?

Old milk gallons filled with water with food coloring added to it.  Brilliant.

My darling Seth is starting to become an artist (age 4).  He drew these guys, holding lightsabers.



Needless to say, this morning Rich set right to work on digging us out.

The weather channel said today would be a day of abundant sunshine and boy were they right.  After so many dull days, we could hardly open our eyes because of the brightness.

“When will this cold white stuff go away?”  “I dare you to step in it.” 



Rich and I took the kids out this morning.  Ethan had a gift certificate to a sporting goods store so Rich went there with him, Jacob, and Seth, while I took Grace, David, Caleb, and Sarah to a craft store.  Caleb wants to make a snow globe with a star wars figurine and Grace is going to do a craft with felt.  When we came home, Rich had to leave again to take Jacob and Ethan to a youth group event.  The boys invited two of their friends to go along with them, they are going bowling.  Grace wanted to work on her project so she stayed home.

Rich is out running now (it’s a beautiful day, mid 40’s) and David just made “Hath” chocolate from the Star Wars cookbook.  He and Caleb are drinking it and looking through the cookbook, figuring out what to make next.




10 thoughts on “snow day and then abundant sunshine

  1. I know it snowed in Connecticut yesterday. We went to a viewing/visitation in Cromwell, CT, for a former TFC Board Member. The roads were pretty good, but there was a lot of snow on the ground at the funeral home.

  2. Love the caption you put with the chickens!!We had sunshine today and mid 60’s. Loved it shining thru the windows. Got out for a bit an even put some clothes on the line!I so much enjoy reading the ins and outs of your family!

  3. Wow! you still have a lot of snow! We’ve had a Carolina Wren at our suet all winter. They can really sing loud for such a tiny bird! We saw red-winged blackbirds and bluebirds this week and that gets me really excited for Spring!

  4. What a wonderful sunny Saturday! I love reading about your family and seeing your pictures that go right along with it 🙂 If I had all that snow I’d be so happy to play all day in it on a nice sunny day like you had! Such is the life of a southern girl though who hardly ever sees it 😉 Happy Weekend to you! xoxo!

  5. So pretty. I am happy to think that snow days are a happy event around your house with activities and snow play. I love a brilliant day like that after it snows.

  6. The snow is sooo beautiful!  I truly miss the beauty of snow living in S.E. Florida.  I left New Jersey when my family moved to Florida.  I only have wonderful memories of snow, sleding, ice skating, etc.  I don’t have memories of shoveling or driving in it, as we left when I was eleven. 

  7. I love the idea of color int he water, my boys would like that! Your little wren is so dear! You took a great picture of it! Sounds like a great cozy experience being all snowed in!Love, JO

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