pink cupcakes










I asked Sarah what she wanted to bake and she said CUPCAKES!  First, we had to walk to the coop to gather some eggs, and then we went to the kitchen and set to work.

(I had to make a second cup of coffee after dumping flour in the first cup.)

We used silicone cupcake liners for the first time, I gave them to Sarah and she put them in the muffin tin.

After they baked and cooled, and Sarah was napping, I spent some quiet time in the kitchen decorating them (she had requested pink ones).

I handed her a cupcake when she woke up from her nap.  Before she tasted it, she asked questions.

“Is it pink?  Does it have a candy on it?”  She knew the answers, but lately she just honestly enjoys having conversations about everything.

There was one cake leftover this morning and it was Caleb’s brilliant idea to dump out the tomatoes and use the carton as a carrier.  He will be eating a very pretty, pink cupcake, for school snacktime today.




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  1. Until now, I believe I never really understood the fact that children took joy in asking question purely for the sake of it, but it makes sense. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing! =)

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