january thaw

Fifty-five degrees in my neck of the woods today.  I know it may not seem like much to my friends in warm climates, but for New England, it’s the makings of a lovely January thaw.  Yesterday our lawn still had a covering of snow.  Today it is gone, all except the edges and deeper piles. 

Seth wanted to go outside, and let me assure you, it was not my idea that he go straight to the muddy driveway and start playing around in ooey gooey mud.

No, but he’s so smart, he thought of it all on his own.

I understand him, though, and I don’t mind, because I also love good, clean, mud…the smell, the usefulness (to make pies)….however, I don’t play in it any longer.


****warning**** some of these dirty pictures may be offensive to some viewers****


After I got mud splattered on my self, my hair, and my camera, I wandered away….

….and discovered daffodils and crocus coming up.  (I really can’t believe it)

Seth and I ate our lunch out on the porch.  (oh, joy!)  It really does feel like spring.

Little Sarah had gotten up this morning so very grumpy that she was put back to bed at 9, so it was a nice time this morning for Seth and I to be together, just the two of us.

We came back inside after lunch and when Sarah came downstairs after her nap, I noticed she had put on some happy shoes.


I am filled with anticipation today because my friend Hannah is travelling here from Alaska.  She will arrive tomorrow morning at 11 and I will be picking her up from the airport.  She’s staying for a week.  I met Hannah here in blogland years ago, and we’ve been penpals ever since.

Blogging has added so much joy to my life.


Have a happy (muddy?) Monday! 

0 thoughts on “january thaw

  1. with the thaw this past weekend here too it was quite a mess in our yard…thinking that my dog at the kennel with tons of outdoor space to run will be a very muddy boy when we go to get him. it was nice to have the warmth though wasn’t it. i love that seth went out and played in it…what a fun little boy. glad that you two got some special time together while sarah was napping.

  2. Aww they are so adorable and my grandkiddos would be right there with Seth playing in that mud.   I love the smile on his face while he is holding up two hands full of mud.Have a wonderful week and blessings to you and yours.

  3. Nothing but good “clean” fun! I just love the picture of Sarah with her bed head, pretty little dress, and red shoes (not to mention happy smile)!Have a wonderful time tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  4. You are a fabulous mommy! All that mud! I am sure it was squishy delightful for Seth. Sarah is the cutest. Happy Shoes and one happy sock! We have been thinking it is so cold here as the high has been 49-51 some days and at night 27-33. Have to laugh, as you would think it is spring. I know the wind off the desert here at night is so chilly. Oh you two are going to have so much fun. A whole week! Time for lots and lots.

  5. We had an extra warm day for winter here too (73). I think it’s wonderful, as long as the hot hot summer holds off. I think your dafodils are peeking to get a headstart to be ready in time for Easter. I always remember Easter daffodils as well as Easter lilies. I can almost smell your mud. :)Have a marvelous time with your friend, Hannah. Is this your first face to face meeting? Perhaps one day when I drive up to CT to visit my parents/grandmother, then you and I could meet up as well. I would like that.

  6. Boys and mud. They just seem to go together! Wonderful to see daffodils and crocus coming up. Mine are still frozen under here. Love Sarah’s happy shoes, maybe I need some of those. Enjoy your week!

  7. OH, the joys of mud! I actually caught one of my girls sneaking outside with my whole spice rack! She wanted to make GOURMET mud´pies! Ha! And now she has two little mud stompers of her own! Enjoy your friend! I feel as you that my life has been enriched by all my blogging friends.

  8. You are such a good mom to allow your kids to get all dirty and just have FUN out there in the mud! I love it. I can learn from it! And your Sarah is adorable!And how lovely to meet and spend time with your friend! That is so special!

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