sweets to the sweet



butter, in shameless amounts

measuring cups and spoons, containers for the finished product

jam and marmalade


vanilla, almond flavorings

chocolate chips


baking cocoa


marshmallow fluff

a big list for a big family

plus extra to give away

powdered sugar

peanut butter

cookie sheets, hot oven, and oven mitts

cookbooks and recipes

and time.  lots and lots of time


We don’t have our Christmas tree yet, and I’m afraid not much decorating is going to happen this year.  With all of life’s happenings swirling around, a woman has to chose what’s important and cross everything else off the list.  Busy seasons of life call for as much simplifying as possible. 

We will get our tree eventually, and happily, crafting Christmas cookies will also remain on my personal “to do” list.

Today I’m getting organized and planning a weekend of baking with the help of some of my favorite people.


Are you baking this year?  What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?  You know, the one you would NEVER ever leave off the tray?

0 thoughts on “sweets to the sweet

  1. I’m not a very good “baker”…but, I do well with candies and cakes. My daughter is the cookie maestro around here…so we’ve got a list of things to buy so we can open up our kitchen for the season! Looks like you’re prepared!!We are making peanutbutter balls, and I can’t wait! 🙂

  2. I made some easy shortbread cookies I got the recipe for off of pinterest the other day and I think they’d make great Christmas cookies. I love to make gingersnaps at Christmas and the no bake chocolate cookies too. I love a soft, frosted sugar cookie but I have yet to make them successfully myself. I just buy them at the store!You’ve got me in the mood to bake, but since I’m at work I guess I’ll just do my reports and then bake later! 🙂

  3. What a yummy post! I bake every Christmas. I make cookie plates for all the people in our apartment building. (Seven families) I also make cookie plates for friends at church. SO… I am starting tonight and will try to make one kind of cookie every day until a few days before Christmas. I think my fave cookies are the Russian Tea Cakes. Some call them Mexican Wedding cookies. Shameless amounts of butter, chopped nuts, and roll them in powdered sugar while hot. I also like the iced cut outs. So much work, but so cheerful and decorative. Happy baking!

  4. I also make the Russian tea cakes:) And as for decorating… I’m afraid it will be a little sparse this year. We decorated our gingerbread house last night… With candles lit and xmas music playing and will also decorate sugar cookies with the kids. Another activity I want to do with them is paint a big Xmas scene together on a large cardboard . I saved a large one from the packaging of my sons snowboard:):) almost threw it away… Then the thought popped I to my mind just on time (the recycle truck was just pulling up:)I have a few things I make each year. Will probably post about them if I get that far:)

  5. Your baking reminds me of the huge Christmas tin my mother had when we were growing up. It was green and maybe 2 1/2 feet across. She would fill it full of all sorts of different cookies. The lid would come off and we would be allowed to pick out 2 or 3 at a time. I need to get to the store and buy more of the gluten free flour. It is expensive but certain ones taste like regular flour. My favorite cookie to make is a spice cookie with dates and walnuts called a Hermit cookie. They taste like Christmas to me! I put up the nativity and a couple wreaths. Hoping to get the tree in the next day or two.

  6. I love it! Esp the blue container in the last photo! 😉 My all time fave Christmas baked good is the peanut butter bon-bon!!! YUM! And for cookies, I LOVE my mom’s home-made sugar cookie from scratch, with icing. There’s something about that combo that is not only gorgeous, but soooooo yummy!!!I am simplifying Christmas around here this year, too. Esp since I’ve been soooo sick lately 😦 Today I stayed home sick from work and when I’m not being sick in the bathroom, I’ve been using my super helpful toddler and decorating the house as much as possible!

  7. hi shanda…….my favorites are decorated cut outs (for the kids) and pecan fingers (for me).  wishing you a fun and not too messy (i’m remembering a photo in the past of seth? on the floor with flour ALL OVER the place) weekend of baking!

  8. SO colorful! :)I make Santa’s surprise cookies every year – Peanut Butter Blossom cookie dough, then wrap dough around a bit size candy bar, roll in sugar and bake. Homemade soft-sugar cutouts with icing are my favorite though – sooo good to dunk in coffee or tea ;)Only a few pinecones, pine branches and candles around here for decor as all my stuff is packed away 800 miles south.I’m sure you’ll have a fantastically fun weekend!

  9. I make a super-size batch of Monster Cookies every Christmas(peanutbutter,oatmeal,choc.chips,m&m’s,etc.)My family does a cookie exchange so I get to sample 8 or 9 different kinds.My Mom makes a scrumptious raisin filled cookie and also date pinwheels.

  10. Hi, Shanda!
    I just love your blog. Always manages to brighten my day. Probably because I can relate in some little ways. We don’t have a tree yet either (hopefully tomorrow, a good Friday night event, right?) And I agree about having to choose the important things and cross the rest off the ‘list’. I pray that your family has an extra special holiday this year, and that the Lord will grant you clarity of thought as you determine what to keep and what to toss on that list. You are a great mama!
    Thanks for popping by my blog lately. It’s a treat to hear from you! I just put up lots of christmas-y pix on there (all from past years when I had more time) just to get me in the holday mood 🙂
    Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

  11. My children would say sugar cookies…I would say chocolate hazelnut sandwich cookies.We also always bake a triple batch of m&m cookies with the holiday colors.As for decorating…we really simplified this year too.IT’s still Christmas-y around here…and the post holiday clean up will be easy too. :)Your pictures looks so fun…makes me want to go bake right now!and Ghiradelli chocolate chips make such a difference…they are my favorite!

  12. I always marvel at how you are able to take ordinary, everyday objects and make them into art. I just don’t have that talent.It sounds like you know what’s important in this life. I’m already imagining the aromas, hugs, laughter, smiles, humor, and cuteness…and I’m hoping you will take lots of photos so the rest of us can enjoy it vicariously. :)I wish you a wonderful and blessed fun-filled family weekend!

  13. @shondadiane – Please do!  I would love a recipe from your Great Grandma!  They sound yummy.@Kara – They sound so good!  I’m going to try them for sure!  @Elizabethmarie_1 – Yes, those chocolate chips are the best, and it’s great to be able to stock up at this time of year b/c of the sale prices.  I used mine in my fudge recipe yesterday and it’s extra good this year!  🙂 

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