enjoying the music of Jay Ungar

0 thoughts on “enjoying the music of Jay Ungar”

  1. Love this kind of music. I have only heard a couple songs by them…including the Ashoken Farewell. It’s so very pretty.How fun that you were able to have such a lovely date! I love your last line…heart full of music, hand held tightly by your husband. so sweet.Happy new week to you. 🙂

  2. Such a lovely night. I love that feeling of inner joy you describe walking down the street holding hands. I loved the song. My two favorite instruments are piano and violin or cello. Guitar a close fellow as it is so so wonderful to sing a long with and so transportable.

  3. Enjoyed the post, and I will definitely look this up! We love music in our home, my husband is a musician as well as a Realtor Broker….So we are firm believers in that quote. Oh music is such a gift from God! : ) My hubby may enjoy receiving one of their albums for Christmas? ; )

  4. Very cool! I am glad you went alone (no kids) so that it was a date! I like that you included a video so we could all hear the music while reading about your time and seeing the pics! Does Rich like the music too?Okay the big question is regarding your coat, is it velvet, or that shiny coat material? Either way I like what you wore! 🙂 I am so happy for you to not only be able to go but to come home with things signed!love, JO

  5. @diaryofamadwhitewoman2 – Hi Julie!  It was great hearing from you, and I think it’s so neat that we have the same music! @ABAHM – Oh yes, the cello could bring me to tears with it’s rich, deep sound.  @thats_italian – Yes, a gift and just think of the music we will hear in heaven!   @Joanna – At first I thought you meant the jacket in the first pic….but then I realized my black coat sure looks shiny.  It’s not velvet, it’s just the shiny coat material. Nice and warm for winter walks in the woods.  Yes, Rich liked the music but this date was all my idea and work; which I am proud about.  LOL  I hope that I can take you to this place someday, it’s right downtown! 

  6. what a great date! you look beautiful and radiant! I like just about any kind of music – and this is no exception. Music is just one of the loveliest things ever that God has given to us to enjoy. Have a wonderful Christmas season! Your cooking looks amazing too. I try, but mine don’t come out the best sometimes lol! My kids are so kind enough though to eat whatever I fix — most of the time! Have a lovely new week!

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