I’m not the only one smitten with her.  Seth is always by her side. 

Yesterday, he got up from his nap first and I sat on the floor, holding him in my arms as he drowsily woke up.

From out of the silence, his small voice called, “Sarah!  It’s morning!”

A quiet minute later, as I continued holding him he tried again, “Sarah!  It’s morning!”

“Mom, can I go wake up Sarah?”

“No, let her sleep.”

The conversation was forgotten (by me) as I slipped him off my lap to go tend to something else.

He ran right directly upstairs to wake up his Sarah.  I didn’t realize until I heard the feet running around up there.

Although I thought he was a little stinker for waking his sister up from a good nap, I understood, and it did my mama heart good to see the love.


I get to see the love all day long.  And I’m so very thankful.



‘Tis whispered in the ear of God,
‘Tis murmered through our tears
‘Tis linked with happy childhood days,
And blessed in riper years.

That hallowed word is ne’er forgot,
No matter where we roam,
The purest feelings of the heart
Still cluster round our home.

Dear resting-place, where weary thought,
May dream away its care,
Love’s gentle star unveils her light,
And shines in beauty there.

by Fanny Crosby

0 thoughts on “smitten

  1. Awwwwwww, so sweet! I love that they love each other. So special. Sarah looks like one of my favorite Swedish illustrations of children in that first picture. Love the light, hair, smile!

  2. i can totally see why you’re smitten! she’s such a doll!and your family on the header! so beautiful you all are Shanda!i have been slow in getting around on xanga these days, but i’m always so glad when i take the time to stop in here.♥

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