golden friday

It wasn’t black Friday at all.

It was fun!

Grace and I went out for hours and hours today. 

(she didn’t want to go home)

We were together, and it was good.

I got Joanna’s Christmas present and a few things for myself.  No lines, no hassle, no stampedes.  Great bargains!

eye candy

it’s a treat just to browse with no little ones in tow.

We went to the bookstore and then she wouldn’t talk to me over lunch!

She had spaghetti and meatballs, I had chicken piccata.  I love capers.

Then, she took her book to Starbucks for some more reading time.  I bought Jacob a Sherlock Holmes book for Christmas, and started reading it myself, as I sipped my latte.

We had the whole couch to ourselves.  It was quite cozy to sit and read in the midst of all the people noise. 

I have the darndest time getting a picture taken of myself at home because the dog LOVES ME SO MUCH. 

Rich noticed my new jacket!  As soon as he saw me he said, “Hey.  Why do you have that blanket on?”


heart  Happy Golden Friday to you, my friends!  Did you go shopping today?  What did you get?

0 thoughts on “golden friday

  1. You look so cute in your “blanket”. I like your long hair! What a delightful day you had with your girl. I am still in my bathrobe at 1PM here. Taking it easy. Bob went into work, even though he didn’t need to, it is nice for him to get some of the paperwork done without all the craziness of the usual workdays when he is answering phones, directing schedules, and trying to think. I may do some more shopping on the computer today. I bought Malachi a learning game that I think will be fun for him and useful on the LONG plane ride from Los Angeles all the way to Florida, and then to St. Kitts after Christmas. Brason needs a mobile that can hook on the pack and play, as they cannot take the crib all that way. I found one on Amazon that is cute with zoo animals on it. Aren’t books wonderful?! I went to the library the last couple weeks and took out some books by favorite authors. Purposely light reads I can take up and put down in between Doctor visits and caring for David. Miss Read is one of those authors. OH PARKER!

  2. I love the picture of Grace in Starbucks with the sweet smile over her shoulder – and your adorable red clogs! No shopping for us – we’re getting ready to have a cozy second Thanksgiving dinner at our house πŸ™‚

  3. Anthropologie….I only visited there through instagram this morning. Lol. The pictures were lovely.I did go shopping with Jeff. We were able to accomplish much. We were alone too, so that made it even more special.Glad you had a day out with Grace. I can’t believe how grown up she is. How cozy to sit in starbucks and read!Happy Golden Friday to you. =)

  4. How does your hair grow sooo fast! I’ve been trying to grow mine out for 3 yrs. and it seems to stop at my shoulders :(What a special time spent with your daughter – I’m looking forward to do that with mine. Always fun to be able to shop in peace, browsing leasurly, although I don’t like to shop unless I know what I’m looking for ;)Yes, those lovely bright red clogs do catch the eye. Your attired spells fun, lively…just like you.

  5. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day! Since there is no Thanksgiving Day in Denmark, there is also no “Black Friday.” I honestly can’t think of anything I could possibly want enough to brave THAT! (Must mean I am getting old!?) At the moment we are hosting a young Xanga friend from Malaysia, and we are planning to do a Thanksgiving meal next Thursday. We are waiting until some friends who are away come home. Any day is a good day to have a great dinner. I enjoyed the pics on your previous post of the family together. I really think you need one more to make it a nice, even ten!

  6. What a sweet mother daughter time.  Thank you for sharing it with all of us.  I just had to show the picutre of you with your loving lab to my husband….he is staring at you!   Yesterday, we had a 2nd Thanksgiving here at our home as we were out yesterday.  Thank you for your sweet comment.

  7. I confess I was TOTALLY trying to peak at the counter to see what you bought me!!!!!Steve would say the same exact thing every single time I put on a coat like that, but I say keep wearing it!!! Seriously, it is those red shoes!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

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