Jamaica Missions Trip 2012



Today I want to share some photos from the missions trip that some of our church family went on.  There were 28 people in the team, from our church and some other area churches.  I had mentioned last week that my 13 year old daughter went on the trip, but what I didn’t mention was that my husband Rich and our oldest son Jacob were also on the team. 

You see, I have promised my Father-in-law that I wouldn’t write about Rich being gone on trips…..it made him nervous about that information being “out” on the internet while the kids and I were alone at home.  I am proud that I kept the secret, because I was so excited about sharing with you.  Yes, Rich was gone with the kids for 7 days and we were only able to talk ONCE during that time because he had no phone service in that area of Jamaica.  I bring that up because by the end of the week I was suffering from missing him so much.   But it was worth it.  They had a great time of fellowship with believers, and also sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the unsaved people.  They took in supplies and did some work helping the people after the damaging winds of hurricane Sandy.

I have been hearing stories since they got back late Saturday night, but because I wasn’t there I really don’t understand the full impact of this trip.  I took pictures from Facebook that I will share here, taken by several different people (thank you for letting me use them!)  Jacob took my camera and I will share some of his photography on a different day.


This is our pastor and his wife, Gary and Michelle


Grace (orange shirt) with some of the girls from the team, and their new Jamaican friends.


My son Jacob, with the camera on the shore. 


When they got back, Jacob remarked how thankful he was that we lived in such a clean country.


The men, women, and children of Jamaica are incredibly happy and friendly, despite (or, perhaps because of) their lack of personal possessions. 


Jacob jumping off a bridge.



Rich preached and taught Bible studies.




Jacob in a tree.


Rich and Grace sang a duet.


Jacob, Grace, and Rich



A member of the team, street preaching.


The men helped with some outdoor work (Rich is wearing the red t-shirt)




They slept in this building “The Globe” to the sounds of barking dogs, people talking, and roosters crowing.  Some wore ear plugs at night so they could sleep.  I heard stories of lots of late nights, too.  (having fun after a day of work)



Tabitha, enjoying the beauty of Jamaica.







The chickens ran wild all over the place.






happy faces!




The children and I had a good week while they were gone but I started getting an empty feeling (missing my husband) toward the end.  Rich and I had a happy reunion and went on a date Sunday night together. 

And then, yesterday, he surprised me by coming home early from work.  My heart was content, having him near again.





I hope you enjoyed the photos from this life-changing experience for Rich, Jacob, and Grace.  They were able to spend some meaningful time serving the Lord in this way.  They made new friends and became closer to each other, too.  

1 John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another,  for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows  God.






0 thoughts on “Jamaica Missions Trip 2012

  1. I love all the pictures. We have so much to be thankful for…yet like you said, they were happy maybe because the lack of possessions.Our things and want for them can become a burden to us, without us even knowing!Glad they were able to serve in such a way.and glad they are back home for you. I hate when Jeff is away too…it’s lonely even with other people around.Happy Tuesday to you. =)

  2. I think it’s wonderful that they were able to share going on the mission trip with each other. Having your eyes opened in such a way and sharing the love of Jesus in that way too, it bonds you. How cool for two of your children that they got to do that with their Dad!

  3. so neat to see a glimpse into their trip. i know it wasn’t just good for them individually, but the three together.. they will always have that bond and special memory around this trip! i love grace’ face in the shot of her with her friends. she’s just beaming!glad for you your hubby’s back. seems we don’t realize just how much we like them around, until they’re gone. 😉

  4. hi shanda…….thanks for sharing the photos. jamaica holds a special place in my heart because i was married there!  there certainly is a distinction of the have and have nots in that country.  but of course the most important thing to have is the knowledge of Christ, and i’m grateful they had the opportunity to share that with so many people.  glad everyone is home safe and together again.

  5. Beautiful post about their trip. I know from my boys stories how much the care of people coming from a distance speaks of love, both theirs and Gods, to those children and people. I am happy they went, and happy to know they are back with you! A blessing both ways.

  6. So neat that the three of them were able to go together!! I can’t even imagine living in conditions like you have shown. We are truly blessed! (but I think we are blessed so that we can bless others…I often forget THAT part) Thanks for sharing. I am eager to see more pictures that Jacob took!

  7. So great to see these pics! I agree with your dad, and am glad you waited! I hope you can go in the future! My father still talks about his time there! Your kids will hang onto these memories for life!

  8. Thank you for sharing these pictures! They are touching. I have been hearing a lot, lately, about the happiness Americans see in people living in underdeveloped countries in spite of them having so little. It has really made an impression on me. I’m always moved by Missionary stories in underdeveloped countries and especially about how rich those times were for the missionary and I long for that. I read a really good book about a young girl who is a Missionary in Uganda. You might enjoy if you’re ever looking for something to read. It’s called, “Kisses from Katie.”PS: Rich looks good in a beard!

  9. What a blessing to minister together as a family! Our prayer is to do something like this together, as well. So happy for you! I know these are busy times, but you are not far from my mind. I hope all is well in your little corner. Come visit anytime! :o)

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