{this moment} – A Friday ritual – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

inspired by soulemama


I have two “moments” to share this time.  Which picture is your favorite?  I couldn’t decide.



“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”  Mother Theresa


0 thoughts on “{moments}

  1. BOTH pics are precious. hmmmm…to decide on a fav? oh my! šŸ™‚ probably the first one. because i FEEL…AM… so heart-full when i see my own older children interacting in this way with my little one. happy friday to you shanda!

  2. Oh I love them BOTH!!!!  I think the precious moments of those two sisters coloring together and those sweet, sweet beeds hanging from that cute little blonde haired, baby’s neck, is my favorite, but both are moments to be cherished. Thanks for sharing with us! (((hugs)))

  3. I see the America Girl mag on the floor and I’m blessed to see big sis putting that aside and spending time with lil sis instead! What a precious, heart-melting moment to see siblings getting along, playing nicely together, loving each other. I pray for more of that with my kids!

  4. The first one. Because I was “Big Sister” to a little blonde haired girlie named “Sarah” — my first sister after three brothers. She is still one of my best friends. I wish we would have had the photographic opportunities in our childhood that we have today. Makes me wistful . . .

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