good things

Our chicks are almost five months old now and love drinking from puddles in their yard.  We can’t wait to get the first egg from this flock!


The children have a fort made with this fallen down pine tree.  We were visiting there last week and I noticed that clumps of mushrooms were growing out of every single crack in the bark.


These leaves, a soft tree fungus, and the wintergreen, all came home with me in my pocket. 

(After a while, the fungus got wormy and I threw it out yesterday)


I called the winter green “leaf gum” so that Sarah and Seth would chew on the leaf I gave them.  They made funny faces and I laughed when they bent over to spit it.  I love the pinkness of the berries….so pretty.


This small, feathery light mushroom had a tiny slug under it.


And this purple mushroom cap was slick and slimy.


Someone picked a teeny bouquet of flowers and I inserted them into a small dish from Sarah’s tea set.


The big kids, doing their homework in the evening.  I think Grace keeps things quiet.  (is this a future librarian?)


I made a big batch of Grandma’s dinner rolls for church. 



I replaced the “crappity crap” white cabinet with this piece from Pottery barn.  Better?  Yes.


What’s happening?


The other evening there was a scuffle on the porch when a raccoon became Daring and tried to visit (in order to steal dogfood).  The cat and dog when berserk and the children fled to the window, where they remained, watching this raccoon until he got brave enough to come down out of what he mistakenly thought was a “tree”.  Look at those fingers!

It was interesting to see the reactions in the children.  They immediately got a chair.  Seth ran to get my phone and promptly took 84 pictures.  David opened the top window and started throwing things.  I didn’t know until I heard him say “I hit it!” and then I made him stop.   Rich and Ethan ran for their guns and would have shot it if I didn’t intervene. 

An American raccoon.  I daresay he won’t be back. 

I buzzed Seth’s hair yesterday.  He ran to look in the mirror.  “Do I look just like Weston?”  he asked.  (Weston’s his best buddy-and cousin–) 


I took this at the end of our road at 8:30 this morning…..on my way to Dunkin’ Donuts, my sister, and Bible Study.


The leaves are so stunning.


I found this run-over snake in the road for my snake lover, Caleb.  He gazed at it and said, “If it were alive it would be my pet right now.”

He even dreams of snakes.   Last night he dreamed he had a big huge water snake.  But, he says, he doesn’t love snakes the best.  He loves the Bible and God more.  I told him I was sure God was smiling right then, to hear it.  How very precious indeed, are the words that come out of a child’s mouth about God.


My favorite verse for the week:

“When you give it to them, they gather it up.  When you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.”








0 thoughts on “good things

  1. Beautiful Fall photos!Interesting to read of people loving snakes and keeping them as pets – my middle son likes snakes, but we live with my mom and she thinks snakes represent evil, so she doesn’t allow even fake, toy snakes in the house..???

  2. the black cabinet looks much better! :)Of all the house to pick, I think mr. raccoon picked a bad one πŸ˜‰ Poor guy, I would be scared silly if I were him with all that action happening around. πŸ™‚

  3. The chickens looks so pretty in that lighting. I so enjoy “walking” in the woods with you. I have never seen a purple mushroom! The leaves are soooo beautiful. We used to have racoons in Laguna. They would get into things and were very mean, despite being so very cute. Happy Wednesday to you friend!

  4. The 84 pictures part made me laugh!!! And then the verse at the end made me tear up. That is the picture I have of you… Your hand is open to your family and they soak up your goodness to then and god blesses you. Keep up the good work my friend!!! You encourage me!

  5. @cerwindoris – He was back, the next  night, WITH FRIENDS!  I’m all nervous about my hens and we shut them ASAP in the evenings.@srheam – I’m so glad you enjoyed the little surprises.  That’s how I feel, too, walking around outside….like it’s Christmas.  “What will God show me today” ?  hugs.  @celebratinglifeandmotherhood – You are so sweet.  my sister visited your blog and loved it.  πŸ™‚  We talked about you this week on the way from Bible study!  She thought you had visited me and I said “I WISH”   It would be so fun to meet one day!

  6. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful……Amazing how or days reflect each other.Went mushroom hunting after the rain with Lindajoy and Matthew…Buzzed Matthew’s hair this week…..Made Bread….We also found a snake while picking sweet potatoes….We love the same verse…and Best of All our Husbands are the best Dads, Fathers, and Papas we know…..

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