fixing a two year old girl’s hair

(joy in simple things)

Her hair is blond and baby fine.  It’s usually puffed around her head like a soft, fluffy hair cloud.

I got sort of fancy with it yesterday morning as we got ready for church.  A mama, I am, fussing over her child.

I wet it down with water, brushed it all up as high as I could, and managed to keep all the little whispies in the pony tail holder.  humming to myself.

I wrapped the holder around the hair tightly and then left it pulled half way through so it looked like a little bun.

Added a pretty clip.  there.  smiles.

(She gets into such trouble with those clips….always tearing them out.  A big no-no, mainly because I don’t want to lose them.  I’ve been known to back track all around Target just to find a “clippy”.)

After I fixed her hair and applied a generous amount of hair spray, I carried her around to the family to show her off.  Rich thought she looked so adorable.  We admired her together. Our littlest one.

Grace the Big Sister thought she looked cute, too, but also……bald.  She began using her baby nickname again, “Baldo”.

Yes indeedy,  I was just tickled pink by my beautiful little princess.  Out came the camera and all before church, too, no less.  click-click



Just four short hours later she was back to the same ol’ hair style, and maybe even a bit worse than usual. 




I laugh because she is just *still so cute*.


0 thoughts on “fixing a two year old girl’s hair

  1. That last pic is so funny! So cute! I recently just ordered online Dippity Doo hair gel. It works great on the fly a ways the little ones have. You probably remember it, its been around along time. You can’t find it in stores anymore but online.

  2. OH, she is! She reminds me so much of my Sianna! She finally has enough hair for little piggie tails. I will be hugging her in about two weeks! I’ll be in N. Ireland to help with the arrival of my 4th grandchild! So excited! Your sweet little princes… oh! Just breathtaking!

  3. No! No! No! “Baby” Sarah can’t be old enough for a ponytail or braid!!! I like her in the header picture – it’s how I think of her and Seth! She’s growing up, isn’t she?! The other shock to me was how grown up Seth looks. Definitely a little boy and not a baby!!!

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