let’s go to the playground!


This summer, although we LOVE our home and yard and woods, the children and I have felt the need to go do something else now and then.

But what? 

Something that all seven children like, is this possible? 

Something free, fun, and local.

Someplace that allows for running around for the children, and a bench for me to sit and read.

On a whim one day, I stopped at the playground at the school and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my older ones still managed to have a good time!

They made up their own game; “let’s see who can get around the whole playground without touching any walkways, just climbing on the tops of rails and such.”

When we went on Friday, I also joined in the fun because we were at a place that had a wide wooden edging around the whole play area…wide enough to be a balance beam, so I practiced full turns and cartwheels!

If they don’t want to play, they can sit with me in the shade.  I scratched tired Grace’s back that day, too, under a tree.  She was like a contented kitten.

It’s been so good for little Sarah’s coordination.  When we first started going, she could barely get herself around and now she’s a pro…and she LOVES it.

She calls it the “grayground” for some reason.

Yes, it’s a great place to be for the LITTLE ONES;


I love this picture of Jacob and Gracie.  It just hits me. 


Question.  I was at the thrift store the other day and found this gadget in the kitchen utensils.  Can anyone tell me what this is?  And, is it useful?


0 thoughts on “let’s go to the playground!

  1. It looks like a pampered chef item. You use it to pick up cookie dough and slide it off on the cookie sheet. Sounds like something you need!!

  2. Happy times at the grayground! I too like the pic of Jacob and Grace, the one of Seth and Sarah is adorable also. I was thinking that tool looked Pampered chef and that Bob would know what it was. The cookie thing sounds right

  3. I’ve found there’s always something for big kids or little at the playground πŸ™‚ I actually take my teen girls at camp to one and we do a whole work out. I don’t tell them where we’re going on our run but they’re always surprised we end up at the play ground πŸ™‚

  4. Wonderful pictures of the children! We have spent a lot of time at the park this summer too. When do the children go back to school Shanda?My husband thinks that the utensil is some sort of butter knife. You cut the butter with the blade and then squeeze the handle to push the butter off.

  5. @inanorchard – Bob says it is for picking up cookie dough and sliding it off, you know with out using two spoons or your fingers ;-P. BUT they also told them at Pampered Chef training for shows that it could be used with butter as well. If they had two at the store for a good price, you probably have a couple good cookie batch helpers, right? Of course you could buy one and see if you like it. I just use the stainless steel scoop that has the little lever thing. It made scooping up cookies so easy that I never tried that gadget.

  6. Love the picture of Jacob and Grace. My oldest son (14) tends to not give a full smile in pictures anymore. Too embarrassing or something. So it’s nice to see Jacob’s full smile. Grace is just beautiful πŸ™‚

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