at mom and dad’s

Mom and Dad have a wonderful front porch, full of plants.  There are bird and hummingbird feeders, a suet double wrapped in netting so the birds don’t eat it too fast, and plenty of rocking chairs for us to sit, rock, read, or talk.




Life is Good

This tomato plant doesn’t behave (wilts quickly) so it was moved to the porch to be under constant surveillance.

The front porch is a great place to eat sweets.  Mom and Dad, David and I, and small Sarah all shared a box of cake/pie on Saturday night.  YUM.


Ferns that mom and dad transplanted from the woods grow right next to the porch steps.




We dug up some crisp red potatoes for Mom’s “Up From the Garden” soup (which we enjoyed for Sunday lunch)





Mom wove grape vine around fence posts to make a trellis for her ornamental gourds.  See the little yellow one growing?


Some of Dad’s wood stack. (art)


There are things to see amongst the flower beds, like these bottles filled with sand from their vacations.


The garden at twilight.


Sarah was beating the bottom of an upended pot.



Flower bed by the garage…full of black eyed Susan’s and an old farming machine.



A cozy corner..chairs, lamp, magazine basket, old shutters with a picture of each grandchild.




Sarah and I shared this bed for three nights.




There were plenty of toys for Sarah to discover and play with.


I love it here, at Mom and Dad’s, where I also used to live until I was married.  heart

“I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”  Albert Einstein

0 thoughts on “at mom and dad’s

  1. So lovely and peaceful. I see the heritage you have had, and the blessing it has been for you and your family. God is good! Oh, and black eyed susans are some of my favorite summer color.

  2. hi shanda…….what a wonderful little getaway for you and sarah.  i love that your dad has a “life is good” shirt!  and we also collect sand (and other stuff) from vacations to keep in canning jars.  takes you right back to that place and good memories.  thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Their garden, yard and house is so beautiful and green! Just the view from their garden is awesome and SO pretty! I’m totally envious of all the flowers you guys up north can get to grow so easily!

  4. Amazing I do that too save things in jars and containers just what ever a leaf, shell, rock, or piece of glass. It must rain there our home usually looks green like that but not this year. SO happy you and your little one had such a nice time. Blessings, Christie

  5. What is a cake pie? Who made it? It looks like a yummy hodge podge, I will have to google to find this out when I am done here, b/c you have made me curious! You posted all this in such a way that it really does feel like I was there with you! Love all the nooks and crannies you photographed in her yard!

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