trip back home :: coffee shop

On Friday, I waved goodbye to my family and drove away to go to my parent’s house (four hour trip) for a weekend visit. 

10 minutes later I turned around and went back.  I couldn’t leave my youngest one, Sarah. 

She’s two now but I haven’t ever been very far from her, and my heart couldn’t bear leaving her behind for days

I quickly collected her and her stuff, buckled in the carseat and away we went, the two of us, for a mini vacation. 

Music blaring, sun shining, a perfect day to travel.

We had a great time–I’ll be blogging about our adventures all week–but, in the meantime, here are some photos from this very morning’s visit to the coffee shop with my Mom.



The coffee shop is located in the city that my Mom’s office is located–she works as an administrative assistant for a judge–and I had never seen her workplace.

We got in our cars and I followed Mom to the courthouse.  After a tour of the (really cool) building and introductions to some of her friendly coworkers, we walked across the street to the place where she gets coffee every day.   

Mom ordered a regular black cup, and I had a latte.  The three of us shared an organic brownie (YUM)


I loved the natural lighting from the big windows, and the exposed brick.



My mom had blond hair, too,  when she was Sarah’s age.



After our coffee, I had to leave…I was on the road for 5 and a half hours today, with a stop for lunch and another stop at a rest area. 

Tomorrow:  blueberry picking


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  1. Love the pics! What fun. BTW… I am reading the most amazing book…….Life is so Good! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the suggestion

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