Life is so good

We went for a little walk yesterday.  I was trying to tire out the little ones.

I asked the big boys to come along.  Going for walks with them isn’t like it used to be.

The brought along their (bb) guns.

Jacob gave Seth a bb to play with but I took it back.  Davy put one in his ear once and didn’t tell us for months after.  We had to take him to the ear doctor to get it out and it was rusty.  Notice Caleb…he has a (nerf) sword.   You would think I would feel safe with them around to protect me.  (no)

The sweetest thing happened to us yesterday.  My friend Caroline texted me to ask if we were busy.  She wanted to bring over an ice cream party.  She knew it was naptime so she brought it to our house! 

Yes, it was nap time, but still, I woke them up.  When I went to get Caleb out of my bed, I found him like this:

They didn’t mind waking up to “make your own” ICE CREAM SUNDAES.

She brought:  ice cream, frozen yogurt, whipped cream, fudge and caramel sauce, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, plastic spoons, and paper bowls.  I would encourage any of you (and me, too) to surprise your friends like this, someday, too.  She brought everything over in a cooler and after the kids swam in the pond, they came back in for more.  It was great.

Guess what.  Sarah’s wearing a dress today that I made 10 years ago with my Mom’s help, for Grace.  I love it.  I remember picking out the fabric and sewing with my mom…and how proud I was when we finished it.

I have another book recommendation for you. 

Life is so Good, by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman, published in 2000

“In this remarkable book, George Dawson, a 103-year-old slave’s grandson who learned to read at age 98, reflects on his life and offers valuable lessons in living and a fresh, firsthand view of America during the twentieth century.”  ~back cover 

I discovered this book while browsing the biography section in Barnes and Noble.  I was intrigued as soon as I read the title.  “Life is Good” is a mantra of mine.  As I read the back cover, I knew I would be reading this amazing book very soon…..and I bought it that night (while on a date with my husband).  I started it yesterday and highly recommend it to you, my friends.

First sentence:  “Wanting to enjoy every moment, I stared at the hard candies in the different wooden barrels.”

ENJOY EVERY MOMENT:  Another one of my mantras!  Really, this man’s attitude is inspiring and such a good example of happy living. 

Sarah in the pond



Blueberry coffee cake, made this morning, stuck to the darn bundt pan



Life is Good T-shirt, Shanda, @ the playground with the children last week

(iphone pics)


I’m making dinner and blogging at the same time.  It’s sloppy joes and broccoli tonight.

I sent the children all outside to play and they rescued a baby bunny from the cat.  The baby bunny is missing some back fur but is otherwise fine.




0 thoughts on “Life is so good

  1. I just love how much fun all of you have! I wish I had more time at home with Aiden now that he’s getting bigger and more adventurous. I’m def. inspired by the ice cream party idea, too!!! And that book sounds great!

  2. Picture of you in the park: VERY cool, how do you look younger and in better shape the more kids you have?!!!Friend bringing ice!!!!Book: I have not heard of it, but that first line about the candies has me hooked already! Say no more!Rusty BB: Eeeewwwww! But a cool story for his kids someday!Walk: Jealous, nothing new there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love the dress, too, and little Sarah with her hair up in a “bloop” is so cute! I would like to find a pattern like that. I have made a few dresses for my granddaughter. N. Ireland does not have many hot days, so I make them with sleeves. I just finished a quilt for her, too. Now I am starting one for the third grandchild, Josiah. His will be made from denim from old jeans. It is so soft, and perfect for a little boy. Don’t know yet who grandchild # 4 will be. He/she is due to arrive in October, and I am praying and hoping to be able to make the trip to N. Ireland to help out and meet this precious little one. An ice cream party sounds wonderful! I love it that in America you can buy big tubs of the stuff! Blessings on your week!

  4. What a great idea….an ice cream party!! sure wish we had a book store in my area. I loved to brouse through the Barnes and Noble and just read the backs of books or look at the pictures. Ordering online is just not the same.

  5. Ice cream sundae party?! Now that is what summer fun is all about ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like you are enjoying each day. I remember when Davy got the BB stuck in his ear… the things children do! And look at Miss Sarah, she is getting so tall Shanda! Are you going to let that little girl grow up on you??

  6. hi shanda…….i love that you hung on to grace’s clothes all these years – and i bet you’re glad, too!  have you heard of the green pans that chef todd english sells on HSN?  i have a few items and one of them is a bundt pan.  it’s awesome and nothing stick to it – ever!!  you don’t even have to grease or flour the pan, but i usually rub a little coconut oil or butter in it anyway.  you can pop your cake out as soon as it’s done in the oven.  i highly recommend looking into it.

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