Grace, around town


Seems, at times, that her little sister has taken over the blog these days…only because Sarah is new and Grace is old enough now that I don’t feel comfortable following her around with my camera.  Grace is almost 13 now and continues to be a joy in our lives and family.  For so many years–10 to be exact–she was our only girl.  Needless to say, I have enjoyed each step of her life.  She was a beautiful baby, a fun toddler, a bright and happy elementary student.  I taught her myself for five years.  She started public school this last year in 7th grade and she blossomed there.  She has made friends and loves her classes, especially chorus. She is a gifted writer, always writing stories.  As soon as school was out she began a book, and finished it a few weeks ago; which was a proud moment.  She filled up a black and white composition book with it, and is now typing it.  I read her work and am blown away by her natural story-telling abilities.  I do think that someday she will be a published author.

She had her annual check up this week and when we were done at the Doctor’s, I took her to the mall to update her wardrobe.  As a mom of a 12 year old girl, I struggle at times, with what to dress her in.  For many years she wore only dresses.  In fact, she will tell you that when she was younger she didn’t even know stores made pants for girls.  I don’t regret those years of seeing her so adorable-cute in her Land’s End dresses, but for her age now it doesn’t seem right anymore to dress her like that all the time.  She “hates” skirts now and only wears them to church.  She’s at the age where she has the right to decide what to wear for herself.  She’s sort of a tomboy, and I have to encourage her to look for things SHE likes, instead of wearing any ol’  thing.  In these photos, she is wearing new jeans and a t-shirt that she picked out herself.  My sandels.  It’s so fun to see her grow into a lovely young woman, she has grown so much, in many ways, in these last 5 years. 

She loves the Lord, loves church, loves people.  This fall she is going on a missions trip with other like-minded Christians, and her Dad, to Jamaica.  Please pray for her soul, as it draws nearer and nearer to Jesus.  My desire is for her to live the life He has intended for her, using the gifts and passions that He put in her heart.

Yesterday, after I put Seth and Sarah down for their naps, I asked Grace to go downtown with me.  What a treat, just minutes down the road is a place–a very neat little bustling TOWN– to hang out with my girlfriend and daughter, Grace Lillian.  We parked and walked; to the ice cream place, to the thrift store, to the scrapbooking store, and the coffee shop.


There are many cool brick buildings.



At the thrift store.

Something neat happened.  Grace has been wanting to learn to weave baskets for a while now, but we got stuck trying to figure out where to get her needed supplies.  “Good things come to those who wait”  We found a WHOLE basket FULL of stuff for her to learn, including a booklet of directions.










It was so great.  I loved every minute.  I plan on taking each one of the children downtown, just the two of us, throughout the rest of the summer. 

I love you, Grace!  Soooooooo much!  Thank you for being YOU.


0 thoughts on “Grace, around town

  1. Awesome, thoughtful, loving mom you are!! I need to come hang out with you and learn some of your ways…the love you have for your family is inspiring, lavish and extravagant – so much like I hear our Heavenly Father is..what a blessing you are to your family – I enjoy reading about special things parents do with each of their children – I need to make it a point to do special things with my children – one on one.

  2. What a sweet day. Grace is so grown up.I get sad sometimes thinking how fast the time is going with my kids, but I also like watching them grow and learn and become young adults. I like that thrift store….I think I would like to shop there.Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a beautiful post. Grace is growing into such a lovely young woman! How special to be able to go to town with her, just the two of you! I work in a thrift store part time and enjoyed the pictures of the thrift store you go to, it looks like they keep the store up nicely and try to make creative displays.

  4. Goodness….to think I’ve “known” you since the Land’s End dress stage. Wow. 😉 It was one of the things that made me feel like we were kindred…you dressed your girl like a “Girl” 🙂 My girls are 16 and 14 now- and its so difficult to find modest, nice clothing anymore. I want to bubble wrap my kiddos. I really do. I like the little “town” and the outings you’ve planned. 🙂

  5. It is a blessing to see Grace as a young girl/woman. I know looking at her sweet face I can see both shining out. Great outing you both had. Tell Grace her outfit is so cute! Praying along with you. What a beautiful time to go on a mission trip. I went to live in Switzerland when I was 13 and it was a wonderful experience.

  6. A mother and a daughter — a special relationship! Grace is growing into a beautiful young lady right before our eyes — I hope I get to read one of her publications some day!

  7. such wonderful pictures, very nicely taken. i love the lighting and colors. i enjoyed them.i’m a professional photographer myself.. stop by my xanga and see some of my work.i subscribed to ya!

  8. Grace is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.  I think it is so wonderful how you find the time to make each of your children feel so special.

  9. What an awesome afternoon with just the two of you! I have found working with lots of girls (17 under me at one camp and 6 at another) this summer that one on one times for them are the most remembered and cherished of the girls but boy is it hard to find time for that many especially when we’re on a really rigorous schedule. Meal times turned out to be those cherished times where I got to really know them. Hope you have many fun trips to town with the other kiddos!

  10. What a great post!  I can relate to the “almost 13 year old” daughter, growing into a young woman.  What a fun and changing stage of life.  And what a great thrift store find!!!

  11. Sounds like a fun little outing! I want to see Grace’s book. My oldest daughter just out of kindergarten, just wrote a tiny little book over the weekend and has plans to someday write a chapter book and illustrate it (she loves drawing). God bless you

  12. @Anna – Thank you Anna.  I hope to show you Grace’s book.  She hasn’t let anyone read it yet.  She did give me a sneak peak, the first few pages were great.  She does’t have any illustrations yet.  God bless you, too. 

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