at home in the log


Rich fell asleep on the couch Saturday afternoon, so I gathered up the small ones and took them for a walk in the woods. Sarah is old enough to walk on her own so I also walked on my own, hurrying to catch up to the runners, or slowing down to wait for the laggers. 

We found our old friend Toad on the trail.  He looked well and allowed us to pick him up and pass him around.

Just look at the picture I got, of Mr. Toad (anxious to get on with his afternoon plans) leaping out of Sarah’s hands.


We made our way into the woods.  Everywhere we looked there was magic, and Caleb trying to climb every fallen tree.

Sarah walking with small careful steps.







We rested awhile, on a big fallen down tree.  A particular fallen down tree that we’ve visited lots of times before.  As the boys fought it with sticks, I sat down and noticed that someone was at home in the log. 

I wonder who was more surprised. 

He was surprised and rather concerned. 

I was surprised and charmed.


We begged him to come out and introduce himself.  He met us all and then we put him back. 

He told us, as he trembled, that he was going right to work, to make a suitable door.

We noticed that he had a neighbor nearby, but his hole was deep enough that we couldn’t reach him.  The next time I draw a picture of a hollow tree I’m going to draw a toad in it, instead of an owl.

 We noticed some pretty mushrooms nearby.  This one with a red cap.

 This one with a very bright yellow. 

 When we got home I emptied my pocket of what I gathered.

 And Rich was awake and waiting for us.






0 thoughts on “at home in the log

  1. Awww, true enchantment. You have a wood that is made of fairytale stuff, toads, red capped mushrooms, and green moss, as well as charming children. Sarah steals the show at this point, being the youngest, and a serious little miss on the end of a log of boys.

  2. I really like the song playing…Living in the Country.I also Really like that red capped mushroom! What a perfect find.How nice to have such beauty right out your door. =)Happy Tuesday to you.

  3. I love the pictures and all that GREEN! I am so sad that our summer is not like that here in Colorado this year. We have fires blazing all around us at the moment. I am reminding myself to give thanks even in this for God is in control. Your children are precious gems, what a wonderful life they have.

  4. @lynn – Lynn, I am so sorry about the fires.  My heart is sad for all the people who are suffering through them.  And, for all the beautiful Colorado countryside and nature, all the little animals.  I pray that things settle down very soon.  Giving thanks even during the hard times is so beautiful.  God bless you.  Much love, Shanda

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