books books books




Dear book loving friends, I thought you would like to gaze upon the books I bought today at our wonderful library book sale.


All this for only fifteen dollars!  *swoon*


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  1. oooh, oooh. Yes! fabulous! I see some favorites in there, and lots of interesting ones. I like such finds Now I am in the mood too. We have a fun coffee house here in town, they are in an old cottage and have the bookcases full of used books from the friends of the library bookshop. You can select any you want and leave $ in a small box with a slot. Usually 25 Cents for paperback and a $1 for hardback. They put mostly novels there though. I love to go to the library shop itself because they have all the interesting children’s books, picture books, biographies, craft, etc.

  2. THAT is awesome!! Our local college also does a book sale. You can pack a grocery bag, for a very little amt of money!! Enjoy some great summer reading.

  3. I am in love with children’s books!!! We just had Journey Cake, Ho last week from the library 🙂 I like the art in it. Wow, you got a ton of books for the price of one brand new… good for you. And, since it’s so hot nowadays ( at least here it is), why not stay inside and read books 😉

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