outdoor living space


What fun!  Rich had the day off today so we took the opportunity to go shopping for patio furniture, something we have been planning to do ever since he and the children put in the patio and fire pit.  The area between our house and the garage was useless just a few months ago and now it’s a lovely place to relax with friends and family, and read my books.


I like the bright white and navy blue.  And I LOVE the fact that these pieces were made in the USA. 


Somehow I got a little distracted by the cute girl on the sofa.  It’s easy to do.


Incidentally, I just have to tell you….the dress Sarah is wearing was one that I bought 13 years ago when I was expecting Gracie.  Grace wore it constantly when she was Sarah’s age and I’m so glad I kept it.  heart

The chairs go ’round and ’round so of course that’s where Sethie wanted to sit.

When we sit on the sofa, this is the view we see; (now with Sarah taking a turn on the chair)……


Seth can entertain us by racing down the walkway on his bike.

 I just can’t help it….I am now making plans to decorate with containers of flowers and who knows what else.  I’ll have to find my stack of Country Living magazines to look for ideas.


The children are toasting marshmallows this evening.   When Grace isn’t eating her treat, she’s singing for us.

I honestly need to go find bug spray, however.


Happy 4th of July to all my fellow USA citizens!  I hope you have a great day with your friends and family.  You are loved.   xoxo


“So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 8:15 NIV

0 thoughts on “outdoor living space

  1. BEAUTIFUL, shanda! i love the terrace-feel of it….and the pavers are so nice also! what a BLESSING to have such a wonderful place to raise your children! navy + white = SUMMER! ❤

  2. oh, how nice!! it looks like the perfect spot to hang out this summer~ the furniture is pretty. love the blue & white. and i smiled when you said it was made in the us. i just got home from grocery shopping and tried to buy as much as i could {produce and such} that said product of usa, or made in.. 🙂 the least i can do since i’m not there in person to light a firecracker!! :)happy 4th my friend. enjoy!

  3. I had that same little dress for my girls!!! Mine was from a resale shop though…now my little niece wears it. =)Love your patio furniture. I really like the navy and white. How nice to have such a pretty spot.Happy 4th of July. =)

  4. Love the patio furniture! It is so nice to move life outside in the summer, isn’t it? I am sure you will have it fixed up so pretty! I admit to feeling really homesick today. The “weepies” are behind my eyes as I think of my country, and the fact that I am not there to celebrate the 4th, and to enjoy family and friends. God bless America.

  5. What a beautful, relaxing place you have! Looks like a place of peace, joy and fun … you’ve got the white and blue, now add some red for some patriotism 🙂 lime green or bright yellow pots would add shots of color too.

  6. I love your new space and your new furniture. The pictures of little Sarah on the couch are priceless. You will have to take a picture for us in the fall when the leaves change. I can imagine sitting there with a hot cup of coffee watching the leaves change. Gorgeous. Happy 4th to you as well.

  7. So beautiful Shanda! What a perfect place to spend a quite (or not so quiet) evening 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in store for it. Happy 4th of July my friend!

  8. OH it all turned out so nice! I really like your furniture and the color, and the little models are darling! Containers of flowers would look so pretty! All sorts of possibilities BTW, some ladies in the pool were just talking about some bug repellant things that look like small electric fans. I will have to ask what the name is. The one gal says she hangs them under the furniture on the patio and they keep the mosquitoes from biting her…she was suggesting them for an outdoor evening wedding.

  9. hi shanda…….wow, how fantastic the patio and firepit turned out!!  looks like a fun and relaxing place to spend some time and make lots of family memories. 

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