pictures from the weekend


The kids have been playing monopoly a lot.



Sarah tried on my shoes.


Davy read his book in our bed.


My brother Dave sent the children some used books…..these are just some of the wonderful titles he chose for them.  Summer reading!



We sat on the porch together, watching the rain. 

But then the thunder got loud and someone ran back indoors:


Seth didn’t feel good on Saturday so we made beds on the porch.


As we snuggled, I could look up at the hummingbird feeder.  I couldn’t resist getting my camera……..


What an amazing little creature.



Rich planted a rosebush for me.  It has yellow flowers and smells so good.


Jacob had a baseball game.  He played well and was eager to tell me about it.





Caleb lost his two front teeth!  He looks so adorable.



Down at the stream, we found a dead crayfish and the boys studied it.






Caleb, David, and I went for a walk on Saturday and we found four snakes.  The first was only a skin……


The second is what we think is a MILK SNAKE.  Caleb almost stepped on him and he slithered away into the woods.

I’ve mentioned this once before, but I’ll write it again:  CALEB LOVES SNAKES and studies them from books and the internet. 


The third snake was a crispy corpse.

You can tell by their expressions that they were disturbed.  “Poor snake.”


The fourth snake was alive and we almost stepped on this one, too.  We aren’t sure what this one is, do you?

Caleb was so excited about finding four snakes (in about a half hour time) that he named the day SNAKE DAY. 

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.  Rachel Carson







0 thoughts on “snakes

  1. your pictures always make me feel like i’m right there with y’all.. although, i wouldn’t have wanted to be when you found the snakes. ohhh.. those things give me the willies. maybe it’s from having them in my kitchen in our old farmhouse in cincy! ;)happy monday friend! enjoy this new week~

  2. Such a lovely weekend around your house.I Love the bed on the front porch, very sweet. Hope he feels better today.Have I ever told you how jealous I am of your front porch? and your view from it? Well I am. ;)How fun to watch the rain. We need rain SO badly. We are having a drought by us and it is not good…especially for our farmers.Hope you’re enjoying your Monday.

  3. I have never seen that view of a hummingbird before! Nice! Hope everyone is feeling better now. I feel a little creeped out at the thought of almost stepping on a snake. I guess it is a good thing I didn’t have boys, but then again, maybe if I had, I would have conquered the snake shivers. My little grandson is really into bugs. My daughter has to shake out the pockets of all his pants before she washes, because he likes to keep rolypolies in his pockets!

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