sarah sings




I just had to share this video of Sarah singing her ABC’s.  (she skips a few)



“Now I’ve sung my abc’s

thank you all for helping me!”





0 thoughts on “sarah sings

  1. Hilariously precious! I canNOT believe she’s already old enough to be singing and all. I guess, sometimes my mind is still stuck in the past and I’ve been thinking of her baby pictures! And I loved hearing your sweet voice in the background!

  2. Awww… that is so cute! She is doing well for her age. I love how kids supply their own words when they aren’t sure of the right ones. I used to teach Kindergarten, and also have my own children’s goofs to chuckle about. Abby once sang, “May the God of my salvation be exhausted.” Hannah sang, “Mary had a little lamb, police fight in the snow.”

  3. Hard to believe she is old enough to sing and steal the show!Who’s voice was in the background encouraging her? Whoever it was, they sound EXACTLY like my voice! Spooky!

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