Good day to you!   I hope that maybe one or two of these weekend photos will provoke a twinkle in the eye and a pair of smiling lips.  Life is good!

Our little vegetable garden is thriving.  We have four little rows of peas, two rows of red onions, radishes (we did a few rows of them but they are almost done, just a couple left.  the littles loved pulling them up)  We also planted 6 tomato plants and some cucumbers.  Zinnea in the corner.  I have a pot of cilantro already up and waiting to be used in my favorite cold bean salad.  The garden is small enough that I can go out and pull weeds once a day and keep up with it.  My garden makes me very happy.



Aren’t toads adorable?  I read in my nature book that they really do have little personalities and are fun to observe at length.  We haven’t tried to keep one to watch daily, but we always enjoy coming across them outdoors.  Grace and I discovered this one on the trail.  Guess what happened when we picked it up?  It’s skin peeled off.  We imagined that it felt good to him.  We put it down and he hopped away in his fresh clean skin.



When we found this wild rose growing close to the ground, we got right down to smell it…..hmmmm….the scent is a satisfying true rose scent.  These flowers remind me of my mom because they bloom right around the time of her birthday.  I picked a closed bud and it’s sitting in a small jar of water by my kitchen sink so we can watch it open.




We made our way (Grace and I) to the stream in the woods.  We were alone, listening to the sounds of water and wind.


We each chose a big rock in the middle of the stream and got down on our backs with our knees up.  We were quiet (the only time she stopped talking on our walk), rested and enjoyed nature on our moss covered “beds”.  One of my favorite memories of the weekend was sneaking peeks at her, pretty and sweet.


Looking up, we saw green-green-and more-green.  Trees are beautiful, aren’t they?


Like stained glass all in green.

So many different leaves.

They were moving gently, fluttering and waving.

The air smelled clean and the mosquitoes bit.


**The children have seven days of school left.  David is officially mentally “done” with school.  This morning when I woke him up he said, “I can’t stand another day of this!”

Have a glorious day, my friends.  You are loved.



0 thoughts on “happiness

  1. Wonderful pictures!! Three of my kids have 7 days left too. My 2nd grader is done too, lol. He had a difficult teacher, so I am ready for the year to end too. Except, that is, when I remember I will have 2 highschoolers next year. I certainly wish time would slow down just a bit….

  2. Yesterday I sent one of my boys out to clean up around the patio containers. A toad had buried himself in the cilantro pot After he had a satisfying snack. So the cilantro crock has been moved to the table.

  3. I LOVE your new header…so summer, so patriotic looking. A boy living in my house took a toad in a bucket to bed the other night. When Dad went in to pray with all the boys,the toad went out to the back porch. (where he stayed all night and was played with in the morning =)Gardens are so fun! So glad yours is doing well. Happy Tuesday to you.

  4. School will be out shortly here too!! The bigger kids are onto exams starting thursday and my oldest is graduating!!!! I have a feeling you and I will have a busy summer!!:):) Has it been sunny there? Here we are still waiting…some days I still wear a light jacket!!! Your walk sounds so relaxing..minus the mosquitos:):)

  5. Beautiful, unique photos!!  What kind of camera do you have?  I’m sure you answered that before… but I don’t remember.  Your place looks and sounds so peaceful and fun

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