a morning walk for three

As I sit here and gaze upon the photos I took yesterday,

I realize this particular morning walk wasn’t so much about the slow pace of travelling on foot with toddlers,

or the adorable pose he struck up there on the big stump.

Or the flowers we found.

It wasn’t about the weather.

Or her blond hair and blue eyes.

Or the way he took over the stroller and wouldn’t give it back.

It wasn’t about the bridge we came to.

Or the water that was under it

or the leaves we threw in it.

What the camera truly noticed on this day,

what it really loved,

was the shoes.

Her shoes.

Her adorable little size 6 shoes.




0 thoughts on “a morning walk for three

  1. Hello Shanda,That is soo funny! As I was looking and reading here I noticed those beautiful shoes too. I was thinking “Oh how cute!” and “I wonder where she got those?” Seth is growing so big and little Sarah is just precious.What a great morning walk. ~Cinnamon

  2. I adore that you and your youngest ones take such long and adventurous walks each morning! I miss taking walks and spending all day with my son… sometimes I feel like the preschool is raising him. Esp. when I am reminded just how much I miss out on during the day. Enjoy those little ones! You are very lucky!

  3. Such a lovely walk.I noticed the shoes before you said it too! I want those shoes! They are adorable. Little girls in sandals are so sweet.Little girls in general are so sweet! Well, depending on the girl I suppose. Haha.

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