It’s been a busy, fun-filled weekend.  So warm and muggy that I’ve been running into the bathroom now and then, just to splash cold water on my flushed cheeks.  

On Saturday, bright and early, my parents pulled into the driveway.  My heart leaps when I see them arrive, it’s always a great feeling to have them near.

We got right to visiting, all eleven of us.

After a while, Rich and Dad ran a few errands while Mom and I meandered around outside.

Sarah stayed with us the whole time, chattering in her little girlie ways.  We went for a walk so I could show Mom the biggest “Jack in the Pulpit” (wildflower) I ever saw.  We picked ferns and walked Jacob and Ethan to their weekend job at the neighbor’s.

Back inside, we puttered around in the kitchen and made Raspberry Rhubarb Jam.  Caleb showed Grandma his fun computer game. 

She was busy reading to Sarah Joy on the couch when I took this picture of our lovely jam.   Grace was busy writing her book.

After the men got back,Mom and I drove down town to the library and to a second-hand shop where she bought Sarah a darling wooden baby doll crib.  I purchased a few serving dishes for ice cream, pudding, or jello.  They had four at the shop, and Mom said she had the same dishes at home and she would give them to me.  I hope it all adds up to nine.

The little boys found this baby turtle down at the stream.  It was so tiny in my hands, but so perfect.  I wanted to keep it as a pet but we let it go.  I miss him.

I was working in the kitchen (again?) when Seth asked me to read to him so I said, “Go ask Grandpa to read it”.

I quickly popped my dinner in the oven so I could take a few pictures of the coziness.  I love listening to my Dad and Mom reading out loud to the children.  It brings back so many memories.  I also love the looks on their faces as they listen to another voice besides mama’s.

And I think sometimes Dad actually gets to read one that he hasn’t ever read before, even though he is now an old man (so he says, even though he’s a very young grandpa).  He always likes the stories …… maybe just as much as Seth.  “Wild Things” is a current favorite and Dad read it great.  Then, they read Jamberry.

Can it get any better than this?  Three of the most dear and special faces.  Yes, that is a big bump on Sethie’s forehead, alas, he hit his own self, with a metal baseball bat.

The crazy mama.

After a quick manicotti dinner, we all headed downtown to the Little League field.  Davy had a game and Grandma and Grandpa got to watch it.  He was just so thrilled about it all.

It is quite a shame, that I did not get a photo of the baseball player.  Such is life.  Oh well.

My two very favorite men.  


After the game, which did not end until 9:30-something PM, Mom and Dad headed back to their hotel.  They spent Sunday with my brother Isaac, and went home that afternoon.


These pictures are from Sunday morning, right before we went to church.

I simply A D O R E this one.   Caleb, Sarah, Dave, and Seth. 


And here I am, with my littlest one.


My weekend book….and the ever ready sunglasses.  It’s been so wonderfully sunny.


I can’t believe I even had time to read.


Rich and I went out on a quick date on Sunday afternoon.  On our way home, we saw a big bird and pulled over to take a picture.  We were laughing as we tried to get the best possible angle, passing the camera back and forth, as cars were passing us and quite possibly wondering what the two oddballs were doing?!

This was the best one.  An oriole was flying around, making noise and I hoped that the big bird wasn’t trying to vandalize it’s nest.  There were clearly some issues going on.


Today was a zoo day, pond day, and yard work day.  I took some photos but those will be shared at another time.


Thanking God for this beautiful life and for my lovely friends, like you.  heart



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  1. Great pictures of your family! The jam looks so good, Sethie’s head does not! Ruby’s favorite book is “Where The Wild Things Are” too — she never seems to tire of it. So glad you had a good weekend with your beautiful family.

  2. its silly…but I was excited to see that I am not the only one who really enjoys Kelle Hampton and her family! How is the book? I have been debating if I should get a copy…

  3. I love the photo of the green shirt crew! They are adorable!I’m glad to share in your happy weekend, even just this little bit! I’m so inspired by you; you have a lovely family, wide open space for growing, adoring children, a loving husband, and your faith. Keep holding and enjoying it!Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. I promise you that the big bird was up to no good. I think it would vandalize a nest in a minute — even kill a nesting mother if the opportunity arose. I know it is the way of nature, but I hate it when a bird that is “hawkish” visits my back yard and sends the beautiful birds into hiding and silence. It’s illegal to kill them, but I have been known to put a pump or two into my ten pump BB gun and “encourage” them to go back to the woods. The reason I think that your bird is a predator of some kind is the hooked beak. It might even be an eagle of some sort. And the rest of your post was simply adorable, too. I love it when weekends are full of family and good, good memories.

  5. You are looking so cute. I like you with a braid in your hair! That grouping of green is a keeper for sure. They look adorable. So happy to see you enjoying your parents visit. What a treat!

  6. @GodsDucks – I found her book and have been enjoying it so much!  I’m not sure, though, how much of it is a repeat from her blog.  I had never seen her blog before, but visit now that I’ve read about Nella’s first year.  I’ve added her site to my favorites list, I love it!

  7. @Buckeyegirlie – I had a feeling that big bad bird was up to no good.  As Rich said, “He had his mischief pants on.”  I hate that part of nature.  It makes my heart ache.  My cats tore the wings off a beautiful Luna Moth this weekend and I was so upset.  I love the thought of you getting the BB gun …… I may have to try that, too, if needed.  Hugs.

  8. What a Lovely weekend! I have been wanting to read Bloom, I just haven’t gotten around to getting it yet.That is the same mug from Starbucks that I use too. =)So glad you got to visit with your parents. I love when my kids are with my parents too. Hope your week is off to a great start! =)

  9. hi shanda…….so glad you had a nice visit with your parents. on the picture you adore with them all wearing green, is that a dappled willow tree behind them?  they can get SO BIG!  we have one by our back door we need to trim down several times a year – otherwise it would block our back porch!  we have another one in our back yard garden near where we store our boat (not sure if that made it in the picture i sent you of our back yard) that we can let get a little bigger, but we still have to trim that one, too.  i wish we had a bigger yard so we could just let them grow.  they are so pretty swaying in the wind.

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