thankful day























There is a calmness

to a life lived in gratitude,

a quiet joy.

R.H. Blum

0 thoughts on “thankful day

  1. You have Peonys! I want some…maybe for our Anniversary weekend Grace is so lovely. You could just dress her up in a dress from 100-200 years ago with that dreamy look on her face. I know she fits in well right now, and keeps up with those brothers though All the pictures made me smile.

  2. My goodness, your boys are soo tall! Looks like beautiful, peaceful surroundings where you live. I’m encouraged by the quote at the end – I need some calmness, quiet joy right now!

  3. I honestly thought that you had written that poetic line about a life lived gratitude. It seemed to capture well your inner spirit, even amidst the bustle. When I came to comment, I laughed to see Jenny wanting peonies. Just yesterday she greeted me with a big smile and hands full of ,,, peonies and snapdragons. “Happy Anniversary” she said with a kiss. “For me?” I responded. We decided they were “our” flowers, as it should be. They’re beautiful, like your kids.As always, we love you guys. Great post Shanda!

  4. Amen to the quote at the bottom!!! Your children are growing so fast!!!! I’ve been a reader since almost the beginning of your blog…….it makes me teary eyed to see the changes…how children grow up so fast and to see what a tender loving mother you have been all these years! Such an example to me. Thank you for all you do day in day out…even through the mundane, even when its tough, through times of depression, times of great joy, the quiet moments with your journal, your walks, when your husband is away and you have to do it all….. Thanks for sticking through it all and being there and sharing it with us on your blog…and mostly…thanks for being YOU!!

  5. I love ALL of the photos, but this time, it’s the big boys walking the dog that tugs my heart more than the others. Your oldest is nearly a man already. Maybe I’m feeling vulnerable because my youngest is not much older than him and is going to college in August. Time is going SO fast; keep capturing every ordinary moment with your heart and camera.

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