spring break day #1




Hey, little Sarah, watcha doing?


Oh, I see…coloring?  And you’re holding your crayon so nicely.  Some serious art work is going on here.

And you look so mighty pleased with yourself.

Nice job!  Not bad for a 23 month old.  I love your long up and down lines in different colors.  And you were so cute about getting all concerned when your crayon fell on the floor—-you wanted to put EACH one BACK in the box, where it belonged.  That’s good, too.


So, my friends, how was your weekend?  Ours was busy but fun.  We had such nice weather for Little League’s Opening Day in our town.


Look at our ball player.  He looks handsome in his new orange uniform.  And his mama gave him a nice new haircut underneath that hat, too. 

(Wow, has this boy GROWN a lot lately, he is 9 and a half now.)

Davy had his first game and even pitched for the first time. 

Because it was opening day, we were at the complex all day long, from 9-4:30.  I went home briefly to get Rich and my cellphone, and lunch.  We spent so much time outside and it was a gorgeous day for it.   The town does so many nice things for the children, including bounce houses, and four town trucks *parked and opened up for exploring.*

Here are Caleb and Sethie climbing out of a big bulldozer.  They also got to go into a firetruck, a dump truck, and a tractor trailor.  There was also a police car, but that was locked up.

I actually got teary eyed over this, LOL.  I just thought it was so sweet and the boys loved it.


Grace was such a blessing; babysitting her little sister at home all day on Saturday, and as a reward, I took her out with me when I got back home.

Here she is, on Sunday morning, in her new pretty dress.


Church was wonderful on Sunday.  Rich taught adult Sunday school and then the service upstairs was beautiful.  The sun was shining brightly through the stained glass windows and all the windows and the front door was open for cool breezes and outdoor sounds.  We sang hymns and praise songs to piano and guitar…I love to look around me at the worshipers, with their eyes closed or the hands up, or smiling, or just singing joyfully….I saw the preacher wiping tears now and then…just all so glad to be together, singing praises to our Father.  After an excellent, uplifting sermon we stayed around talking, the people linger and visit, we lost track of Seth THREE TIMES on Sunday.  Oh, that boy, what will we do with him?

Rich and I went on a date Sunday evening; and I got a new GREEN dress, we went to the bookstore, and also out for dinner.  I can’t tell you how these weekly dates have brought us closer (even if I do mention that “I miss the children” about 5 times a night.  He understands/ignores me.  LOL)

Anyway, I mention all that because as we got close to home we started noticing TOADS.  And we know what this means:  THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO OUR POND.  Every year during spring time we welcome all the local TOADS to our pond, where they lay eggs and more eggs.  I said, “Rich, stop the car!” and he did, and I hopped (like a toad) out to grab a toad who was frozen in the headlights.  You should’ve seen the children when I ran into the house with a toad in my hand.  And the poor thing was making the most pitiful “creep-creep” sounds in it’s throat.  It was scared to death.




That’s my hand gripping the toad.  I’m a cool mom, huh? 

After it was properly handled and observed, I put the little guy outdoors.  As we got the children ready for bed (it was after 8pm at this point), little Seth with his dear little ways came to me and said, “Is my toad…..in my pond?” He was so sweet and it gave me the thought to take him outside, so I grabbed my iphone flashlight and the two of us, along with Jacob, Caleb, and Grace, went outside to explore in the warm dark, noisy night.  Peepers were loudly singing down by the stream and pond, and would you believe we have never explored our pond at night?  It was quite interesting, we saw snails around the edge of the pond, for the first time.  Also, some different water bugs and fish.  The pond was actually more active than we ever see it during the day.  We were all bending over, looking at everything.  Even our cats joined us, and they stalked the toads. 

Today is the first day of spring break for my children and we were all so ready for it.

On this first day, I called our forever friends to ask if they could come over and they were already getting ready to come, without us even making definite plans.  Friends are funny that way.  So Kathy came with her five children and it is such a dry and hot day that they all swam in the pond.  I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, perfection!   The boys (Kevin, Jacob, Ethan, and David) went down to the stream and I found them walking to the house with a big bucket.  “What are you doing, boys?”  “We found crayfish and we’re going to boil them!”  Well, this was first.  I ran to the house to take pictures just as they had put them all into a pot of rapidly boiling water, and Jacob admitted that it was quite hard to put them in, to their death.

The finished product, on a square fiesta plate in “chocolate” brown.

Eating the crayfish.  Jacob was timid, “I think they are raw”.  Ethan and Kevin ate them just fine, and I also ate one piece of tail meat, dipped in butter.


After our friends left, I cozied up with Dave and Caleb and read two chapters of our new book. 


Early this morning, I picked a little bouquet of my garden flowers, and put them in a “rose” fiesta vase.  They are a bit of quiet “happiness” on the children’s table.





0 thoughts on “spring break day #1

  1. I so enjoy seeing the littles at the table in the sunshine. Good job on the artwork Sarah. Opening day is a long, fun day. I am sure Davey will have quite the fun. That is so neat they open up all those vehicles for the kids to explore. Sounds like spring break is off to a GREAT start. What a wonderful day you have had. Waiting for some pond pictures! Has the water filled in yet?

  2. hi shanda…….what a wonderful start to what is sure to be a wonderful week!  sorry i haven’t commented in so long, but rest assured i have been keeping up with your blog.  i’m working on sending a card and personal blog entry to you this week!!

  3. What beautiful weather you are having. Perfect for spring break! I am a bit jealous. We had a gorgeous March, but April hasn’t been so nice. Today was SO windy here…57 mph gusts. I thought our house was going to blow over!What a lovely weekend. Pretty flowers in such a pretty fiesta vase.I can’t believe Sarah is 23 months already! Wow she is growing up fast.Happy Monday. =)

  4. You ARE a cool mom! Looks like a wonderful weekend! We went and got three chicks over the weekend!! Thanks for all your advice; we will be working on a coop for them this weekend!And your flowers are just lovely!

  5. Hi Shanda,Great post, but I especially enjoyed the color combinations in the last two photos. Happy spring, and enjoy those toads. Cameron will be very jealous (as usual). I thought of you when I was out driving this morning because our trees have turned overnight into gorgeous shades of red, yellow and orange. love from the whole family to all of yours!

  6. looove the pictures! you have a lot of courage holding that toad! btw, I’ve always enjoyed listening to your music while reading your site. But the music’s gone now! 😦

  7. i like the shots of little sarah coloring! how sweet. and she’s just growing up too fast. enjoy the rest of the week with all your kiddos home. our spring break was back in march~ 🙂

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