Easter Sunday pictures




Well, friends, my feet still hurt from walking around in heels all day yesterday.  I’m currently curled up on the couch with my toes on a warm cornbag, my legs under a flannel blanket, and a cat curled up by my side.  Davy is in the room with me, throwing around plastic easter eggs.  Everyone else is busy elsewhere.

This year, for Easter dinner, my side of the family all met at a hotel in Cooperstown, NY; they do a really nice buffet there, which means all we have to do is show up, load our plates and visit with each other.  heart

The drive is about 3ish hours for us, and because we were busy all day Saturday, we had to drive out Sunday morning.  Rich and I were so excited about life that we woke up that morning (was it really only yesterday!?) at 4:30, so you can imagine how we are both feeling how that we’ve gone and had fun and are now back home again. 




We met everyone at the hotel and when it was time for our seating, we all filed in and settled in for some fine dining.  Ethan and Jacob were in their element, they could eat all they wanted and order root beer.





There was a children’s table in the buffet room, complete with PB and J’s and chicken fingers (among other things).





I had seafood, lamb, and a variety of yummy salads.  I had cheesecake for dessert, and a meringue cookie.  **yum**


After the meal, we all went outside for some family pictures.  It was quite chilly, sunny but very windy. 

The whole family. 

All the men and boys;

All the ladies (young and younger)










Rich and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night with the children.  This morning, Ethan, Dave, and Caleb got to go swimming.



After we checked out, Rich took me to our favorite coffee shop in Cooperstown….and ordered 2 maple syrup lattes and these fantastic bagels, they were wonderful!

Rich had a fresh baked bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and pepper.  (I love how they boxed them up)

AND I HAD a bagel with cream cheese, tomato, avocado, bacon, and sprouts!!!  Oh my goodness it was SO GOOD! 


It was a nice little trip.  We got home a few hours ago.  Grace and I went for a walk together to stretch our legs after the long ride (it went by fast for me, though, because I was captivated by wikipedia history articles about the towns we were going through.  I’m a dork.)  I can’t tell you how fantastic it was to spend all that time together, as a family.  The children were constantly entertaining Rich and I with all the things they did and said.  For instance:

After Ethan went on a long technical explaination about what a persuasive essay was, I said:  “E, I really believe you would make a good teacher.  You should consider becoming a school teacher.”

Ethan replied, “But what would I do during summer vacation, how would I provide for myself?”

Me:  “You could get another job.  You could teach summer school.”

Ethan, groaning:  “I’m not sure.  Summer school, I imagine, is probably full of students that don’t do well during the regular school year.  They probably wouldn’t want to be there and wouldn’t care about learning.”

Rich, bursts out laughing, to me:  “I went to summer school once to make up two classes…………”

Ethan, overhearing:  blushes and laughs  (oops)



Seth, to Caleb (who wasn’t wearing a shirt in the hotel room) “Is that your belly button?”

Then, Seth, turning to Papa and lifting up his shirt, discovered with great surprise “Oh!  You have a really good belly button!”

Now Rich is bragging about his belly button constantly.  silly



Yes, it was a good little trip for us.  Back here at home, our pond work is almost done.  I just can’t wait to show you pictures of the property when we have it completed.

Oh, and we also ordered new chicks!  Stay tuned…………………………..


Happy Monday, friends!



0 thoughts on “Easter Sunday pictures

  1. At least Riches “good” belly-button makes up for his lack of study skills! LOL. :)))All of your family pictures were great. I love the solo shot of you and your dress!!! The fine dining looks lovely too. ;)I was treated by Boyscouts momma for lunch. It was nice.rest up! I hate wearing heels for longer than it takes to walk from the house to the van and from the van to the church pew. I always carry my heels back to the van to leave church. LOL. Boyscout rolls his eyes and says, “And you call ME A REDNECK???” LOL. 🙂 What can I say? I grew up at the beach! 🙂

  2. Man alive, I must be emotional today or something but, looking over these pictures and reading the joy in your words and seeing the love in your eyes in the photos of you, I just can’t help but tear up a bit. You have a beautiful heart my friend. ♥

  3. Love all the family pictures! Everyone looks great in their best duds. What a great time being together and not having to worry about the cooking and cleaning. You look so cute and I can see a resemblance of your mom in you. Wow, those bagels are making me hungry! They look delicious!Can’t wait to see those cute chicks you’re getting!

  4. What a wonderful day with all the ones you love. Great pictures and your boys are getting so big! Little Sarah is adorable and Grace is just beautiful.I am so glad you had a delightful time and a memorable Easter. Those bagels looked delicious!~Cinnamon

  5. You Easter sounds and looks so wonderful. The dining room pictures remind me of happy brunches when I was growing up that my grandmother would take us to. GREAT family shots. Grace’s sweater is so so pretty, as is your dress. Springtime pretties for sure. I had to call David in to see your bagel it looks so yummy. So please to hear of your overnight get-a-way with your family!

  6. Everything about this post was just lovely.I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your property. Congratulations on your new chicks, they are so fun.The girls have been enjoying playing with my mom’s new chicks. Baby chicks are so cute! However,they make me sneeze.

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