a first for Sarah



Scared Stiff

Sarah Joy stepped daintly outdoors with her trusted mother, holding her hand, to see what Papa and Uncle were (noisily) doing Out There.  And before she could bat an eye, she was sitting on Uncle’s lap, buckled in tight, riding on the Loud Thing.


Uncle told her everything she needed to know about what he was doing, and he started off as gently as possible.  After all, this was a manly man big machine, in the midst of so much dirt and mud, and quite unlike anything Sarah could even imagine.

She didn’t cry.  She just scowled, she thought about it, and she didn’t move much, while her family grinned from the sidelines.

Papa took a video and Mama snapped some photos.

We wonder, will she want to go on it again? 

“No!” she says, emphatically, every time the topic comes up.

However, she is proud of herself, that she tried it, once.


0 thoughts on “a first for Sarah

  1. Like Dr. Seuss….Are You My Mother? When the little bird gets carried in the big Snort. =)So what is being done on your property? Something exciting? With that machine you can have a grand garden! Lol.Happy Monday to you.

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