pink thing

Happiness is……


wearing a pink t-shirt that says, “open your heart” on it

hearing the frogs chirp down by the stream


first spring flowers

watching a brother and sister play

brushing my daughter’s hair, putting it into a twist at her request

seeing a bird couple fly about, in love

a cardinal, singing at the tippy top of a white birch tree

the washing machine humming


watching my three year old fly down the hill on his bike, he wasn’t afraid but I was


little messes, made by the ones you love

filmy curtains, blowing gently in the breeze, because the window is OPEN


walking barefoot to get the mail

fresh and clean kitchen towels and bibs for the baby


an early morning walk with little ones


a cup of cold water

fresh eggs

an apron

making cookie bars

no make up



remembering that although I’ve given out the beater hundreds of times, this is all still so new, to her

seeing the loveprints of my hands, baked into the top of the treats we made

inspiration::food coloring:: five drops of rose, one drop of brown=the most beautiful shade of pink


tea and cookies


“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices.  And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.”

“Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life.”

Mr. Rogers



Today is the last day of winter.  Tomorrow we celebrate another springtime, without reservation.  We are getting the small garden bed ready for planting {peas, lettuce, radishes}.  Soon the chicken coop will be thoroughly cleaned out.  Seth wants to swim in his kiddie pool.

I could have gone out to run errands (we need milk.again.) but decided to keep at home this morning.  We have enjoyed a slow morning, walking outdoors, and baking cookies for the schoolchildren to enjoy when they get home.  The spring birds don’t stop singing and whistling for one moment.  I have the door and windows open so we can hear them.

You are loved.  I hope you have a pleasant day, my friends.



0 thoughts on “pink thing

  1. You’ve blessed me today, Shanda! I had errands that had to be run but cleaned off the porch and have windows opened too! I plan to bake some treats when the children get home! Enjoy the rest of your day ~ Cindy

  2. hi shanda…….loved EVERYTHING in this post.  you made good choices today, and look at all the happiness that followed.  now all  you need is a cow to go along with the chickens so you don’t need to make a choice between milk or a pleasant morning like this one!  love going out to you, too, friend!

  3. such a happy post Shanda. you’re such a great blogger…i always leave her feeling like you are content and fulfilled in your calling(s).i love days at home. days when i can bask in and feel such fulfillment in my calling as a wife and mother and homemaker…..

  4. Lovely!! Your posts are filled with peace and joy…I can hardly believe we are experiencing such warm temps.! Last year we had a bunch of snow dumped on us about this time. Kids were eating push-up pops after school. πŸ˜‰ Was too warm to bake, but those cookie bars looked delicious – dunked in tea or coffee.. hehe, yes, I’m a dunker!Love you Shanda. Hope the rest of your week is equally blessed.

  5. Spring time…just the changes in nature and the weather is enough to make me happy. I think it’s so hard to have that smile when everything is in the depths of winter and brown and blah. Last night we had the biggest thunder storm in ages. Even though I couldn’t sleep though the huge clashes of thunder and flashes of lighting it was so nice. Now we’ve got a overflowing pond and I don’t think the grass can get any greener…. I’m loving spring!

  6. I love the quote toward the end! So true, I NEVER have time for everything and if I strive to then I don’t even have time for that which is most important to me, for what comes from my heart! Thanks for the inspiration!!! I need to take it to heart!

  7. My, OH my! My absolute weakness is sugar cookies with frosting ~ Whatever flavor .. those look absoluetly heavenly! I would LOVE the recipe Or maybe I shouldn’t ask for the recipe …. swimsuit season is alsmost upon us, eeeekks! I love your posts, pictures, encouraging words, real life view of your beautiful family, music on your playlist. and wonderful heart after Jesus 

  8. I wrote down the quote, so perfect!  I love your pretty stack of kitchen towels, they look vintage and very Dottie Angel.  I also enjoyed the photo of the sun coming down through the trees and the thought of you walking barefoot to get the mail!  Are you having a good week friend?

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