stars and cars







Sarah Joy likes stars, and cars.  They are a good way for her Mama to teach her the colors, too.

“purple star, pink star, red star”

“yellow car, red car”


How are you today, friends?


I went to Target today and left the littles at my sister’s house so they could spend time with their (BFF’s) cousins.  So cute.  Thankful.

Seth fell asleep on the ride back home and ruined his nap.  boo.

I had a DD chai tea, yum.

It’s in the 50’s here today, which is downright springlike, here in the Northeast.  It’s making me feel giddy.

I hung clothes out on the line to dry in the cool sunny breezes.


Thank you, for being you.



0 thoughts on “stars and cars

  1. Thank you for sharing!That is a GREAT way to learn colors! Aiden loves cars, too! Oh, and he can spy a school bus a mile away! Your mention of cousins kinda makes me sad that Aiden is the ONLY one. And unless we have more children, he will be for at least 5 more years, putting him far ahead of any “playdates” or true friendships with a cousin, let alone being the only child doing Easter egg hunts or doing Santa…idk, it makes me kinda sad 😦 Your children are very lucky to have such a large and close family!It’s supposed to hover in the 70s down here in the South East, and I’m hoping to stop by the park and get milkshakes tomorrow between running doing errands!

  2. yes, toys are a great way to teach colors – as is nature 🙂 very windy here today, but a sunny 64 – strange to think it was just 19 degrees Mon. with snow! I think the trees and flowers are bit confused too. ;)I love to drink tea as a way to relax – nothing like a good tasting tea 🙂 :)I’ll have to send you my favorites.Enjoy this beautiful day!

  3. We have breezy 50’s today and it feels cool, but it is sunny and pretty. David came swimming while I did my water aerobics. Love the stars and cars. Your little sweetie is so cute. Happy Day to you friend. I miss you more than ever now that we have been together.

  4. We have great springlike weather here in PA too!! I cleaned out some flowerbeds. I love seeing the green shoots coming up. I love your daughter’s outfit!

  5. That little girl warms my heart every time I see her picture. really and truly.  What a great way to teach her about colors! Her outfit is so appropriate, too! Our temp today was TOO chilly. We had a sprinkle of snow. But I’m not grumbling because we’re warming up, starting tomorrow. Then, I’ll be giddy! I love how God does something that makes us giddy. Like warm weather and a favorite drink and a little break and wonderful people in our lives.

  6. Sarah is just too cute. She is sure growing fast! And spring is my favorite season. 🙂 Here in Cali it has been feeling like spring a lot lately and I’m dying to get back into gardening. I’ll bet your clothes from the line smelled so nice and fresh!

  7. Stars and Cars! When I read the title, these pictures are not what I imagined the post was going to be about. However, the pictures are much cuter than what I imagined!

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