happy birthday




He’s one of the sweetest boys ever.  14 years ago, Rich and I welcomed him, our second born, into the world.

Thanking God today, for this precious gift, this son of ours.


“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…..”  James 1:17




0 thoughts on “happy birthday

  1. He’s such a handsome young man! You ought to be very proud! Happy birthday to your son!I’m having a hard time imagining my son any older than a toddler, lol. One day I know we’ll get there, but for right now, I’m enjoying him as the talkative, curious, toddler he is. I guess you’ve been in my shoes at some point… but I’m just awed that one day he will be all grown up! I just pray that we raise him well and that he has a wonderful and enriched childhood and makes the right decisions and works hard and honestly when he’s all grown up. You’ve done such a lovely job with your children!

  2. Hope it was a great day for Ethan! He does look so big and mature. I know you are going to have tall boys! Say Happy Birthday from all of us. Bob is having Pumpkin pie as I write this, he says in Ethan’s honor, but he may have ulterior motives, I am sure E will understand.

  3. happy birthday ethan!!!  shanda, you went from having a whole bunch of little kids to having BIG and little kids sooooo fast! enjoy celebrating with your family of all ages. 🙂

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