the boys play football

One more thanksgiving family post! 

On Friday, Rich and I drove to my childhood home, the place that is IN MY BLOOD and MIND, the smells, the sights, the land, are all so precious to me.  How thankful I am that it is a place I can still return to.  Only a handful of hours away and I can be there.  Mom and Dad are who truly make it home……..


We walked into a feast in the makings.  Mom had a big lunch prepared; roast beef with onions (from the garden), homemade rolls, beets from the garden,  corn from the garden,  pickles made from *cucumbers from the garden*, creamy mashed potatoes (also, from the garden).  Truly, a harvest worth praising God for!  And all so wonderfully prepared.  We ate and ate and then went outdoors to play/run/walk it off.


Agent Orange, cat of the place, watched. 

The men/boys played football, not a game, but catching and kicking to each other.  It is a quiet, country road with practically no traffic, so they could spread out with enough room to play.

They all love football. Actually, let me mention….that they were all wanting to play, but couldn’t find a ball.  When my brother Dave called to say he was coming up, I asked him if he had a football (he didn’t), and he surprised us by stopping on the way to buy a new one, and a pump, and a soccer ball for the little boys!  So kind of him.



Dear Dad


Watching the ball.   Sometimes it was next to impossible to know where it would end up being kicked, Rich’s goal was executing a powerful kick (with accuracy of secondary importance).


Dad, kicking the ball (not seen, but truly, it was there, up and away, flying)……..


Big Jake



Little Sethers


Brother Isaac, petting the cherished, very old, family dog BRUTUS.


Dad, getting ready for Ethan’s throw.


The so cute.





Good ol’ E.


Seth’s first kick!


Uncle Dave (the gift bringer) also gave the boys each a keychain from his recent trip to Greece.  Ethan wanted a few rocks and Uncle Dave brought him back some. The girls got pretty bracelets.  His wife’s family is from Greece and they went on a trip of a lifetime to meet Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.  Dave showed me some amazing pictures…..I’ll have to try to blog some of them, if they agree! 

Caleb was stuck to Uncle Dave the whole time, and wanted him to come home with us.




It’s raining here today.  I took Grace to the doctors this morning and she’s home with me today.  We’re hoping she’s all better by tomorrow, but it’s sure nice to have her cozied up on the other end of the couch with me.  We have a fire going in the wood pellet stove.  I could snuggle here all day.  However, Seth is currently as busy as ever, getting into stuff in the kitchen.  He keeps telling me that he wants to make cupcakes and he’s probably going to try to make them all by himself so I guess I better go tend to him.  (but, as I already told him five times, we’re not making cupcakes today, there are still muffins left from yesterday’s baking!)




PS, Beverly:  I received your gift.  I LOVE IT.  Please, if you see this, send me your address again because I could not decipher it from the package. 

Cinnamon:  I got your lovely letter (you have beautiful handwriting!) and I hope to write you back soon.  Thank you so much, especially for those beautiful Scriptures you wrote out. 

PSS, Seth wasn’t making cupcakes.  He was dishing out a bowl of ice cream for himself.  He’s now sitting by the fire eating it.  What a boy!

0 thoughts on “the boys play football

  1. I had to smile about Seth helping himself to ice-cream.Sounds like my grandson,who makes himself peanubutter and jelly sandwiches when he is hungry!(much to his Mom’s dismay,usually has a sticky mess till he is finished.)Your Thanksgiving meal sounds delicious!There’s something special about garden-grown goodies!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful homecoming. 🙂 Why is it that the older I get- the younger peoples parents seem? LOL. You dad doesn’t seem old enough to have a slew of grandchildren such as he has. 😉

  3. So wonderful to spend those special days with family. I enjoyed seeing all the boys from big to small playing football. Caleb sure is a people person, isn’t he?! Neat to think how God will use that gift of loving people. What a special HARVEST meal your mom made, and lots of hungry guys to feed.

  4. There is something so special about visiting your parents home…it’s so cozy. Looks like you had a great time! And how fun to have a feast from the garden. Your day sounds so cozy snuggled up on the couch with a fire going. We don’t have a fire…but we are eating leftover pumpkin muffins from yesterday.I too am on the couch with a little girl just getting over scarlet fever.  We’re watching Little Women. Love that movie.Happy Tuesday to you. =)

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