sharing (some of) my day, and thoughts


This was the morning view out my door a few weeks ago, stunning isn’t it?

Friends, I am so happy.  We are loving school.  The children are learning so much and we can’t be happier.  Most of all, can I just say, I am very um, happy to have room to breathe, in my day.  Now that it’s been almost two weeks (and don’t get me wrong, last week was emotional, getting used to them going)…I can honestly say (now that I know better)— that I’ve spent the majority of the last 2 years of my life nervously OVERWHELMED and just holding on for dear life, by the grace of God.  

I am turning into myself again, and *it’s been so long* that I feel like I’m a totally new woman.  I LOVE my mornings with the two s’s (Seth and Sarah).  I have time to do whatever I want with them, I can devote all my attention on them and I find them both very entertaining and delightful.  The other children start coming home at 2:30, so you see, we still have all afternoon and evening together, the same as always.  Our time together is even more precious.  We’re giving out lots of loving and hugs on Davy and Caleb, lots of positive words, pats on the back, hugs when they want them, and good food for the older ones.  And my older children are just blown away with all the stuff they need to keep track of and get done ON TIME & ON SCHEDULE, they are learning more and more how to be responsible for their own selves.  Of course all you who have sent your children to school know all this already, I’m just saying, I’m a happy girl.  (how many times will I use that word today, sorry!)

This morning I went to Costco for a much needed restocking of the cupboards.  I actually had to fill one cart, pay for it, load in in the vehicle and then go back inside to do it all over again.  Seth and Sarah sat in the front of the cart and were so cute…several people asked if they were twins!  When we came home boy did I have a lot of things to bring in and put away up and down stairs.  I also had to walk/run the dog!  I got quite a workout, and even put together three meals for the freezer to have on  hand.  Tonight we are having baked beef stew.

I’ve got Seth and Sarah down for naps and the kittens are entertaining me now.

They love windowsills.


They are named Socks (the dark tiger) and Snickers (the gray and white).  Grace and I took them to their first vet appointment last week and they are doing so good.  It’s nice to have kittens in the house.  I’ve always loved cats.


Please let me know how you’re doing and what you’re up to.  I love hearing from you.  And if you want a reply back or have a special prayer request, please message me instead of leaving a comment.  I try very hard to respond to all messages, I wish I could reply to all the comments but it’s just not possible.  But please know I read them and smile over them.

Here is the verse from my calender this morning, it really struck me when I read it:

The Lord’s promise is sure.  He speaks no careless word; all he says is purest truth, like silver seven times refined.  Psalm 12;6 TLB 

I try to remind myself to read blogs and books for inspiration and entertainment, like visiting a friend.  The only shining, pure truth is God’s word to us, the very best thing to read and study; THE BIBLE.  No other source can come near to it.  There are several beautiful blogs out there that have become popular spiritual websites;  don’t forget that is just one woman’s/man’s experience, God has a completely different (but still very VERY good) journey for you and me.  We are all unique and special, (although we do share common graces and common promises in the Bible), but we are also fallen creatures who *sometimes* share things that aren’t exactly meant to be shared publicly with others. It is wonderful to read a testimony of what God is doing in a friend’s life, but intimate relationship with the Lord means that we do need to keep some things private….publicly sharing *too much information* turns our intimacy into something altogether different, and can possibly cheapen the relationship.  It’s okay to keep some things to ourselves and could possibly be best if we (sometimes?) stay away from studying other people’s close walk with God.   

What do you think?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

((hugs))  Love, Shanda

0 thoughts on “sharing (some of) my day, and thoughts

  1. i LOVE that last paragraph Shanda!! and, i so agree that while there are really inspiring places of people sharing their lives testimonies in the Vast blog land, it CANNOT take the place of one’s relationship with Jesus and His work in our lives. and, being a ‘private’ person, i have to keep some things to myself…i think there is a line between honesty and letting it all hang out, if that makes sense. i think we would do well to ponder some things in our hearts with the Lord alone….but, i also realize that for some, the best way is not the way that is right for me.again, i love this post. your blog is definitely one of my faves. and, can i just say how happy i truly am for you that you are feeling the room to breathe with this new change in your lives?!♥

  2. I agree – the first photo is just stunning, and the last paragraph is great food for thought. I have felt that way for some time now; I feel that we can get too caught up in OTHER people’s walk with the Lord that we forget about our OWN… is if we are borrowing from their relationship with Christ instead of forming our own. Unfortunately, I haven’t been giving my walk with God the attention I should be… nor I have I really been spending time with/reading about strong Christian brother and sisters. I am trying to work on it, though.I am SO thankful that you are adjusting to the kids being in school and have been so HAPPY… I just hear the relaxation, JOY and peace in your words 🙂

  3. What do i think…? i think you got inside my head and said so perfectly something i’ve been mulling over too. enjoyed this entire post, shanda. it felt like i was sitting on your front porch just listening to ya talk….:) so glad the kids are doing so well. and you! i understand the happy you mean … not happy the kids are gone, but happy everyone is where they should be. and it just feels right-as following what God has for each of us does. love you friend…you inspire me ! and this comment has taken me the longest ever cause i’m sending it from my phone. near threw it out the window a few times… my husband will be glad i didn’t. 😉

  4. The first picture is stunning. I am glad that you are pleased with sending the children to school. I agree with your last paragraph. I saw a post the other day that really put down a grandchild. I cringed when I read that.

  5. Oh that view out the door is gorgeous! How wonderful to open the door to that. I am HAPPY for you, that you are feeling happy and that everyone is adjusting so well. The kitties are so cute.Yes, I agree with what you are saying, how we have to have our own walk with the Lord and spend out own time with Him. I do enjoy hearing some of what people are learning on their blogs, when it is sharing, then we can inspire and encourage one another, but it cannot take the place of that personal time with the Lord. I don’t spend lots of time writing about what God is teaching me, as I spend those energies on youth studies or on homeschool studies, but I do enjoy quotes, analogies and such that people share. We really just see a peak into one another’s days and thoughts,don’t we? You,dear Shanda, give glory to God in sharing so meaningfully, the beauty of family, and your relationship with Him.

  6. The first picture is almost unreal it’s so beautiful! What an amazing sight to capture with your camera. The best view is often right out our front door :)It makes me so *happy* to know that you and the kiddos are doing will with the new school. Not only doing well but thriving! I have thought of you so many times this last week. I was feeling a wee bit anxious for you but trusting that all would go smoothly. God is faithful, He knows the desires of your heart, He will see them met :)I love your closing thoughts. I tend to be private with my own spiritual journey. Partly, because I’m not very gifted that way, and partly because the things God has been showing me really are just for my heart, and my walk. It feels like sharing a love letter that was only meant for me. I’m also careful not to share too much about my marriage for similar reasons.

  7. Regardless of all the other wonderful you’ve mentioned making you happy….the view out your front door in and of itself would be enough to make anyone happy!!! Wow. 🙂 That is stunning!!! I’m so glad you’re getting a little quiet(er) time at home. Babies aren’t babies for long…you’ll be able to enjoy it more. 😉

  8. oh Shanda…so beautiful. i am so excited about your journey and for the moments that you are able to have this special time with your two youngest as well. such amazing moments are being made. look forward to hearing more. i so hear you on the making sure that you go to the source of TRUTH for things even when others seem to have such amazing insight on what life should be like or look like. i always love reading about your journey and the things that God has laid on your heart! love you!!

  9. Love the light shining outside your door! Fog, now that’s one thing, I just realized, we haven’t had for ages! I guess it’s due to it being so hot and dry here.Wow that sounds like a lot of work loading and unloading all those groceries. You go girl! I love going grocery shopping and usually do it for my mom every week but the part I hate is unloading it all and putting it away when I get home. Some days I want some kids of my own just so I can make them go unload the grocery’s for me. does that sound selfish or what? :PI definitely believe that blogs are great and we all need friends to encourage us but most of all we need to make sure we’ve got that relationship with the friend who is always with us and never leaves us. There are somethings that only He can take care of.

  10. That IS a beautiful view!!!! And I’m so glad your life is a little less hectic and less about survival and more about living! I figured your reasons for putting them back in school was something like that:) And the last bit you wrote about our walk with God…well this is why I love your blog…its so down to earth…you are not trying to gather people to live your brand of Christianity…you simply live the life and its very uplifting!

  11. you articulated a similar season of life for me too…reducing some stressors, being amazed at how heavy those burdens were at the time, and then rediscovering the old self. I appreciate your joy around this life change…Blessings!

  12. When I feel overwhelmed with my ONE (yes, just one) child, a 7-month-old boy, and my part-time job, I remind myself of you. And I say to myself, “You can do it! Shanda takes care of half a dozen… Surely you can care for this one wee one.”Thanks for sharing your life. I don’t always have time to leave comments, but I always enjoy your photos, your adventures, and your insights.

  13. The first photo is just stunning – beautiful! Wonderful that the kids are liking school and learning new responsibilities – and that you have some time to yourself and with the younger ones. I liked what you shared in the last paragraph, I think some things should be kept private or shared with just one’s spouse or close friend perhaps, but not the world? My oldest daughter is getting married in another state on 9/24!! I am excited and also nervous about a few little last minute preparations 🙂

  14. That picture is breathtaking! It’s lovely to look at.I think we need to be careful from idolizing others. It’s an easy trap to fall into; idolize or covet. I’m glad everyone is adjusting well to the changes. Thought of you today as I ate some of the last cherries of the summer.

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