late saturday afternoon


Hello!  How are you today?  We are good, and have had a busy but fun day so far.  It began when we took the children to Crackerbarrel for breakfast, which was where Ethan took this picture of me and my little ones. 

About my yellow shirt:  Many years ago, when I was about 14 or so, I had a favorite *mustard colored* sweater that I always wore with a magenta skirt. (smiles)  Consequently, when I saw this yellow shirt I had to have it, because it reminded me of that sweater.  But, really, its those little faces in the photo, that get me.  This is probably the best picture I have of Sarah and Seth, with their mama. 

After a good hearty breakfast and two cups of coffee, Rich decided he would work on a house project and we better go to the Home Depot.  Our kitchen faucet has been acting up.  It was a flimsy metal one and was starting to leak.  So we went to Home Depot to pick out a new one…and, as often happens, when you look at new faucets you come to realize that what you really need is a new faucet AND a new sink!  Oh, yes.  I have married a handyman for sure.  He is out there finishing up his work, installing a new sink and new faucet.   He has kept Jacob and Ethan with him the entire time, teaching them things.  I will be sure to share a picture on Monday because it will take that long to clean up the mess.  

I was in the H.D. store for the important decisions but then the children and I left and waited in the vehicle.  We thought it wouldn’t take long but I guess I still haven’t learned about MEN in HOME DEPOT.  By the time he got back we were quite silly.

I took this picture on our way home.  We were at a stop light.


We had bacon at Crackerbarrel which prompted Jacob to inform us, “We haven’t had bacon at home in a long time!”  Well, that’s because I personally don’t like the M E S S of frying bacon.  I’ve been getting the bags of real bacon bits at Costco and just freshening them up in a pan to use in recipes and egg sandwiches.  I told him I would “Tell Cook to add it to the shopping list.”  Rich overheard and said he thought BLT sandwiches would be great for lunch and not the “limp spinach type lettuce you usually buy, I want CRISP!”  Rich doesn’t normally voice opinions over things like lettuce so I agreed.  Sometimes you have to chose crispness over nutritional content.

I went to the store while the little ones took naps and the big ones worked on the Big Sink Project.


I forgot to say that we bought our bacon and sour dough bread at Crackerbarrel.

I got a ball of iceberg lettuce and a big organic tomato at the grocery store.  (Organic seems to taste so much better).

On the way home I stopped and got a dozen ears of fresh sweet corn.


We had our early supper and the corn was so good.  So were the BLT’s.  Rich said, as usual, we made a great combination.  His idea was the sandwiches, mine was the corn.  Perfect.


And um.  Are the corn-cob holder things adorable, or what?   My Aunt Mary gave them to me!  This was the first time I used them.


Oh and I wanted to show you a picture of my new dress.  It’s soft and heavy and swirly and I love it.  Davy took the picture for me.  It’s so nice to add some new pieces to my wardrobe after being pregnant and/or nursing for the last three years.


Happy Saturday!  What’s happening in your neck of the woods?


Aren’t  w e e k e n d s  wonderful?


0 thoughts on “late saturday afternoon

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Oh I love your new dress, the color looks great on you!I also love the piggie corn holders, too cute. I am going to be crafting with a girlfriend in a wee bit for the afternoon and eveing and then I have to work tomorrow. Blessings

  2. you look lovely in your dress and I have to agree…weekends are awesome! I actually haven’t done a whole lot compared to y’all but sometimes it’s nice to just chill

  3. Isn’t that the truth about men in H.D.? Love the yellow shirt and the new dress. You are lovely, my dear! I’ve given up cooking bacon on the stovetop- too messy. I have been cooking it on a foil lined baking sheet (broiler pan would also work, and the fat would drain better) in the oven at 400, turning once. I don’t time it, just watch it. No mess, and nice crispy bacon. Your corn holders are cute, and perfect for YOU!

  4. your post reminds me that we haven’t had bacon around here lately either…after seeing your supper i think that tomorrow when i shop bacon…tomato…lettuce…corn…all should be on my list…i’m drooling as i think of it…love the color and the style of your yellow shirt…reminds me of when i was a teen and for my birthday i got a yellow shirt and a pair of pants that were yellow and white checks…i always felt so cheery when i wore it…what a busy day you all have had…enjoy the rest of your weekend…>^,,^<

  5. What a fun post. I enjoyed every word and every picture. Your yellow shirt is really pretty and you sure do rock that color. Love it! You’re right, that’s a really sweet picture of your two littles with you and I love Sarah’s little dress. :)We had the same plumbing adventure here about a year ago and now have a nice, big, black sink with a nice, high faucet. It’s great for filling up a big pot of water for cooking things like corn on the cob. After this post, I’m thinking it’s time to go out and buy some of that for our dinner. Yummy. šŸ™‚  And….btw, I think those are the cutest cob holders I’ve ever seen. Where did you get them?  Good for Rich for patiently teaching the boys as he did the project. Smart Daddy!Davey does a great job with a camera and his subject is beautiful. I can see why you love the dress. It’s very pretty and suits you very well.Thanks for sharing your life with us! (((hugs)))

  6. oh my goodness Shanda…where did you get that dress. it is absolutely STUNNING on you. I’m sure Rich gets a big smile on his face (more then usual) when he sees you in it!! and i also love that yellow shirt on you…with the two littles by your side. they have similar smiles. i think i recognized that dress as one of the vintage ones you found for Sarah the other day…its sooo cute on her! what a great combo…BLT’s and corn…sounds like a beautiful summer indulgence…and there is just something about crisp everything šŸ˜‰ i love those pig corn holders…i ADORE pigs too!!

  7. WELL, I certainly wish I had read this before Heidi went off to the store. Some bacon would go so well with our plethora of tomatoes from the garden I really want some now. So excited for you and your new faucet and sink. I know that things like that, that you use ALL THE TIME,can be such a delight. You and your little ones looks so wonderful in that first photo. Such great smiles! I hope they like friendly strangers cuz Bob is talking seriously about coming out this Fall!!! David too. So when it is definite you will have to show them pics so I can hug them Pretty please. We would be going to NY, but doing a bit of a New England tour. Talk to you more when I find out more…but as I want to see the foliage, and I know it changes year to year, when is the best time? Early Oct?You look fabulously BEAUTIFUL in your new dress…Rich must like it! Just did a post on my nice, productive, relaxed day. Hugs to you! Jenny

  8. The pic with the two little-wee’s is too precious. I think it’s frame worthy šŸ™‚ New sinks and faucets and things of the like are so much fun to me! I could spend hours in H.D. going over the options, features and varieties of different home improvement projects. šŸ™‚ I totally love your new swirly dress. šŸ™‚ Very pretty. Thank you for your message.:) It was a cheery note on a not so cheery day. šŸ™‚ <3Love, Cass

  9. you look lovely in that new dress! and the picture of you with your littlest ones is precious. so much warmth in your smiles and eyes.and now, thankyouverymuch, i am hungry! for blt’s and corn on the cob.happy saturday…the last minutes of it šŸ™‚ right back at ya!

  10. Such wonderful smiles in the first photo — Rich (or whoever took that shot) must have said/done something funny to elicit such relaxed happiness!  And I love the last shot, too — that’s a lovely dress!

  11. I absolutely loved the picture of you, sarah and seth. You look very pretty in that color too! šŸ™‚ what a wonderful day you had. what a yummy lunch too. I love fresh corn, fresh tomatoes.. mmmm good. šŸ™‚ Here in our neck of the woods, we will be grilling for lunch today and then head to the pool. My plan for this upcoming week is to relax. I have been doing way too much lately and I just need to relax. I got a new Southern Living Magazine, so I also plan to look at it with a nice cup of tea.

  12. I saw the handles before you talked about them and knew that they were yours! LOL!  The BLT’s sound so so good!  The new dress is perfect for you and I really like the yellow shirt, I look so bad in that color I wish I oculd wear it because it is such a happy color.  You are so right Sarah and Seth have such great smiles in that photo!

  13. That’s a pretty dress. I was pg or nursing for a grand total of 15 years. (7 kids and 1 miscarriage.) Those were happy years. Mine were more spread out than yours. Now I’m enjoying grand-kids and even great-grand-kids. Took one of the grand-daughters to see the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie today.

  14. Love the new dress… you look gorgeous!! :)Corn on the cob and BLT’s is a PERFECT summer meal idea (except that only one of my kids eats lettuce and tomato… and I don’t care for tomatoes)

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