random snapshots


My friend Hannah (alaskahannah) made Sarah this beautiful quilt.  I was so excited when I recently found a crib sheet (at Potterybarn kids) that matched it perfectly.  Sarah is sitting here looking pretty and sucking on her finger.  She’s the only one of our seven children that has never had a pacifier.  She’s wearing one of my favorite outfits on her because it’s so soft (babygap blouse, leggings, and knit cardigan).


Davy’s first catch of the season.  We were thrilled for him.  He loves to fish and it makes me happy to see him down at the pond trying patiently to catch something.


Sarah made this mess herself! 


This grass is like my soul…..Jesus makes me lie down in green pastures; lush, healthy, full of water.


Caleb James, my little flower picker.  Oh how I love this boy of mine.


This was a peaceful afternoon.  We spent time in my bedroom…Grace and I were in my bed working on our day journals and the boys were on the computer.  Little Sarah was so pretty in her dress.


Later on that same day, I found her on the floor as still as can be.


She was holding her dress and sucking that finger again.  It’s so wonderful to have this baby girl….we adore her. 


One of our hens laid this H U G E egg, almost 1/2 a cup of egg was inside.  We kept the empty shell and David wrote his name on it.  Because it was his, he said.


This picture is for innaorchard, who loves old things.  My Aunt Mary gave me this hankie that belonged to my Great Grandma.  Great Grandma also made the doily under it.  The box of nature bits was brought to me, as a gift, from Caleb.  His hands were overflowing with treasures for his Mama and I grabbed the box to hold them.  I think about him and how special he made me feel that day, whenever I see it.


I bought a couple of packs of velvety purple pansies and Grace worked so diligently to plant them in two big pots outside our door.  Unfortunately, the hens ate every last bit of them. 




God made the big beautiful sky.


And the small yellow flowers.


Some quotes that I like:

That which is to be loved long must be loved with reason rather than passion.  Samuel Johnson

My heart is singing for joy….the light of understanding has shown in my little pupil’s mind, and behold, all things are changed.  Anne Sullivan

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.  Martin Luther

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.  Robert Louis Stevenson

Some verses I like:

Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.  Psalms 85:10

The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness.  Ps. 72:3

And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever.  Isaiah 32:17

For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.  Romans 14:17

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.  James 3:18

(In my thoughts, I believe that righteousness=Jesus Christ.  I know He (His work, not mine) made/makes me righteous before God.)


Well, my son David told me yesterday that he had a BB in his ear and that it’s been in there for a month.  Rich took him to the hospital last night and they didn’t have success.  They cleaned his ear and they thought they saw the BB but they weren’t sure so we have to take him to a specialist today.  Would you pray for us, please?  Thank you. 

It’s time for me to get the children their breakfast.  I hope all my friends have a wonderful day!





0 thoughts on “random snapshots

  1. ahhhh, he’s had it in there for a month? oh dear. i hope that it won’t effect his hearing at all. what a beautiful collection of memories Shanda. i always adore your pictures..they seem to tell a story all on their own. little miss sarah is just sooo darn precious. i just want to pick her up and give her some love šŸ˜‰ love that davey was able to catch the first ‘pick’ of the season. from what you’ve said of him he seems t have the patience needed to wait out the fish…which sometimes takes awhile. you mentioned grace and you were filling out your day journals…what are those? i love your chickens…they crack me up. thanks for sharing these beautiful moments Shanda.

  2. oh and your picture of the grass reminded me of my LOVE for the smell of fresh grass and it just cut as well. yesterday on my drive to work i drove past one of the local churches and the men were cutting the grass. i almost pulled my car over for a couple minutes to just drink in the site and smell. unfortunately i was needed at work…but it is one of my fav things as well.

  3. Love all the pictures, especially the ones of Sarah on the rug. Is that a hand-made oriental? I didn’t know that pansies were chicken food…….now I do. I will pray for David. Once our daughter put a rock in her ear. It didn’t come out for a month. We were in Africa at the time. It’s a long story. I’ll have to post it sometime.

  4. Beautiful pictures and quotes.  the chicken picture after the story about the pansies…hilarious.  You can almost see her saying  “WHAT?”  Oh, BBs in the ear…and now a specialist…this  might be an expensive lesson learned.  Great story to retell later =).

  5. Love all your pictures! We had something recently where my daughter put a small bead way down in her ear. We also saw a specialist. They have the correct tools to get small things like that out. It was over quick and painlessly. Hope that can ease your mind a little! I’ll be praying. šŸ™‚

  6. Your children are beautiful,your home is beautiful, your posts are beautiful, you are a beautiful person Shanda. I always feel refreshed and ready to go take the kids out and pick some flowers when I see these posts.. I NEED to surround myself with more beauty even if it’s going to take a few minutes to pick some flowers for a table, even if the only flowers we have right now are those darn dandalions!! I’m off..(gosh those things stain too,but I will do it!) they are still bright yellow like the sun, which I think I forgot what it looked like! ~Thankyou

  7. The hankie is just beautiful! I love those old printed hankies, the colors are always so soothing and lovely. I was recently searching through pictures of hankies on the internet and I saw a wall grouping of framed hankies. I think I’m going to frame some of mine for Eliza’s room. I love your box of treasures from Caleb. When I saw the picture of Davy catching the fish I was thinking how much he looks like his daddy in that picture, and how special is was that he has a pond right in his backyard. I feel like I’m typing a book here but I just had to comment on the quilt in Sarah’s crib. SO, so darling! I love the bright happy colors with the flowers, birds, and butterflies. What a special gift šŸ™‚ And since this is already an epic post I will also say I love the picture of the eggs you shirt (the colors make me smile), I had no idea hens like to snack on pansies, I enjoyed every single quote, and I will be praying for David’s ear.Okay I’m done now..

  8. The BB in his ear is hilarious his grandkids will hear about it someday! How does one pray for such a request without smiling? This is boyhood! :)Sarah makes me want to keep having babies!

  9. Such beautiful pictures! Looks to me that spring is in full swing in your corner of the world! Enjoy it for us…its been wet here:):)…though things ARE blooming…not sure how though with the lack of sunchine!My 4 year old had a bead in her ear that we didn’t even know of….I took her in for strep throat and the doctor found the bead in her ear at the same time…..we had a good laugh over that one! Even the doctor couldn’t help but laugh! I hope they find some way to get it out of your little guy!Have a wonderful day!

  10. Love the pictures. My kids always enjoy looking at pics of your kids. Davy, Davy, Davy. Putting a bb in your ear and catching fish. Never a dull moment, eh? I prayed for him this morning. Waiting to hear how it went at the specialist. Love ya!

  11. I Love coming here to read oh how I have missed the peace when ever I come to listen in. You are such an example to me. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me.With Love, Christie

  12. Loved all the pictures. But I’d have to say, my favorite is your son with two different socks!  hahaha. That happens over here too!It would have NEVER have happened when they were young and I had only 1 or 2 kids.Clothes had to be perfect and in order…now, if we’re home, who cares! We will pray for David’s ear.  My kids are quite concerned. ;)You know why I love your site? It is so family friendly! Even my kids love to read your posts. =)Happy Tuesday to you.

  13. such beautiful pictures, such a beautiful family!!! The picture of Caleb looks like it came straight off a mother’s day card šŸ™‚ Praying for Davy. God Bless.

  14. Wonderful spring pictures. Caleb used to be the little guy and has gotten so BIG! So he is your little collector! Sweet sweet little baby girl…great colorful crib. I like it!

  15. Precious precious precious!Thank you for the quotes. LOVED them. Have you ever read Gaining Favor With God and Man?LOVE the hankie. It looks like from the era of Doris Day. šŸ™‚ Blessings on your day.

  16. It’s so like you to tuck that last little bit about the BB in, after you’d written about all the beautiful elements of your life…to make us remember that while things are WONDERFUL in your world, they aren’t always PERFECT.That’s a very lovely hankie…especially because it came from someone so important.And my, oh my, those naughty hens….they think we plant the flowers and vegetables JUST FOR THEM.

  17. Praying for David! {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}Beautiful photo’s! I can’t wait to get that good taking pictures with my camera! {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

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