springtime for Grace


When we were experiencing our first taste of spring last week, Grace started vanishing. 

She loves going into the woods….she has been working on a little fort for herself (and any cats that might come around *because she is dreaming of a new cat these days*.)  The first couple of times she vanished I got worried, so now I ask that she stay within shouting distance.  That way I know for sure that she isn’t G O N E and we can still call for her.


I took a little walk to see what she was doing.  We prowled around together, splashing in the stream with satisfaction…..thankful to have our new waterproof boots.


She likes climbing trees.  This girl can climb!



Here is her special work-in-progress.  A peaceful spot tucked away under some curved branches.  She has been very industrious about collecting soft moss to spread underneath.  All the moss in the photo was added by her.


These are such glorious carefree days for my sweet Grace.  It makes me happy to see her enjoy God’s beautiful world.


0 thoughts on “springtime for Grace

  1. Aw! Love it! I especially like the one where she’s high up in the tree with her bare feet and her cute boots are there at the bottom. There are plenty of days I wish for some woods to vanish into. ; ) I’m sure these are memories she’s going to cherish forever.

  2. What a lovely young lady! She reminds me of my childhood days in the woods, catching tadpoles, climbing trees — I still like times alone in the woods with my camera — no more climbing trees for me!

  3. Love a tree climbing girl. If I were a kid and lived near her, we would have had a blast out in the wilderness! I too love her polka dot boots! šŸ™‚

  4. so sweet….and you’re right…such sweet, innocent days! How old is she? she reminds me of my Rebecca at that age….they even look sort of alike! She’s almost 15 now (sniff sniff)

  5. How I loved to climb trees when I was young. I had a special nook for sitting to read. In my mind I think I could still climb as I did back then, but my body would say….nothing doing. The strength of youth is amazing. Grace sure can climb.

  6. what a beautiful young lady you are raising up….what a beautiful place she is creating for herself to enjoy in the quiet. i hope she gets that ‘cat’ that’s she’s hoping for. while i’m very much a dog person, i love cats too. it looks like the two of you had a splendid time sharing those moments together. its so special to be able to have those one of one moments where you are let in on a little piece  of a special moment with  your kid. love it. thanks for sharing with us.

  7. She is growing and changing SOOO much. I’m sure even more so for you! She is so beautiful. I love how you’ve cultivated a love for God’s creation in your children. My kids are afraid of bugs!!! šŸ™‚

  8. Love the picture and I love you Gracie! I am so glad that skinny tree did not crack when you were climbing up it LOL your boots are so cool šŸ™‚ ~ aunt amanda

  9. Grace is showing us what any girl ( lady ) wants: into the woods…completely free…a Daughter of Nature.Grace, your photo’s here are beautiful ! You are beautiful.Lieve groetenGodeliva van Ariadone

  10. What a beautiful young lady you have there.  She has grown up so much…it has been a while since I’ve read here.  I was shocked how tall she is.  Love the boots!!! And the picture of her up in that tree…that is one to hold on to, so she can show her kids one day.  I loved climbing trees when I was young too.  It is a special feeling!!!  Blessings to you and your family.

  11. hi shanda…….i just love these photos of grace.  what a wonderful girl in so many ways.  i know she brings much joy to your day.  and i not only love her polka-dotted boots, i love how they match the polka-dotted shirt.  now that’s fashion at its finest!

  12. my boys were impressed by the skinny tall tree climbing ! they’ve a sister who perches high too and they didn’t know there were other girls out there who did that type of thing. I said, “Well, she’s got lots of brothers too!”cute darling pics and girl of yours. you are a blessed mama.

  13. You are so blessed to live in a place where she can go explore like that!  I spent my childhood climbing trees like that but it was in the middle of the city and I only dreamed of a childhood like this!  Cute boots!

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