another day in the life


We had another bad-weather day today.  It started as the most gorgeous snowfall, with big fluffy flakes.  They were coming down so fast.  The other day Caleb said, “We are being FLOODED with snow!” and that’s how it looked this morning, too.  However, after a while it turned to freezing rain.  All the area schools were closed and I cancelled Sarah’s doctor’s appointment.  It took Rich over an hour to get to work, and how thankful we were that he had travelling mercies today.

We wrote out another schedule-for-the-day today.  I am not a big schedule person, but somehow when it’s written in hen-scratch on the back of an envelope it seems less threatening to our freedom.  

Here is a self-timer picture of me and Seth, and Sarah.  

I love this picture of Jacob, with his little brother and baby sister.  It’s a really and true smile from him, without any teenage awkwardness in front of the camera.

How proud I’ve always been of Jacob, as my firstborn…..he has done all the childhood milestone things first, and surprised me every time.  

Jacob made cookies for us today.  I was feeding Sarah some baby food and drinking coffee.  It really wasn’t as relaxing as it sounds…it was happening in the afternoon and I was in my slump part of the day.  Thankfully, the coffee and sugary cookies helped perk me up. 

Jacob gave Seth cookie dough until I told him I thought Seth would get sick.  He was quite generous.  We are still loving the cookie scoop that my mom gave me for Christmas last year.  It’s so handy.

Seth and Sarah played with the doll house together.  This is something that makes me happy…..especially because it’s been so long since we’ve had baby girl things around.  We gave this doll house as a Christmas gift for Grace this year and it’s played with every day.  Doll houses are so fun.  You can rearrange furniture constantly!

This picture was taken at dinner time.  (Tonight was leftovers night)….and I think Grace was busy unloading the dishwasher.  I laugh because the counters are a mess; an empty storage container that Seth brought me and I just threw it up on the counter because I was busy doing something else, David’s little paper box he taped together today, the peanut butter and the mixer from the cookie baking, my empty coffee mug.  This is life in the kitchen.

See the picture I have taped inside my cupboard?  pleased

With all the bad weather, the dog has been living in the house with us.  It’s not the greatest of situations but he’s doing pretty good.  He’s behaving, for the most part.

Except when I take his picture.

I found Caleb locked away in the bathroom with the water running.  When he let me in, I discovered that he was using someone’s toothbrush to wash David’s car for him.  Wasn’t that nice of him to do that for his brother?

David’s car is nice and shiny now, and smells so pretty.  Like Bath and Body works hand soap, “Winter Candy Apple.”

Rich got home and then we were all together again.  Here he is, with Caleb;

And then, with David.  David spent a long long time trying to explain a movie that he watched to his Dad.  It took so long that Rich gave him some pointers about how to make stories shorter and more interesting.

Other random notes:

I read my Bible portion out loud to the kids today and we enjoyed it.  We read about Joseph and his beautiful coat and his brothers who threw him in the cistern.  We read about Jesus healing the demon possessed man on the Sabbath, and we read portions of Psalms and Proverbs.  

Today was the first day of Sarah’s life that she didn’t really nap much.  She kept getting woke up.  But she is so content.  She is in a very quiet and happy stage of babyhood (see first two pictures of blog post).

Also, I read more of The Long Winter to the kids.  

I’m still reading We Took to the Woods.

I finished the doll’s smock that I was sewing for Grace’s American Girl doll.  As soon as I get an outfit done I’ll post a picture.

I talked to my mom on the phone tonight.  We laughed a lot.

I realized just now that I did not take a picture of Ethan today.  Poor E.  Here is one from another day:

Good night, all!

0 thoughts on “another day in the life

  1. “. . . All are precious in HIS sight!” We love your kids, Shanda, because your love makes them so beautiful in every way.And that picture on the inside of your cupboard door reminds you of the love that holds you steady in the days when things go wrong — and somehow it makes it all worthwhile. It is no small thing to be the happy wife of a good man. My husband tells me (often enough to keep me cognizant of the fact) that whether it is true or not, when a woman is unhappy, her husband feels like it is a reflection on him and his ability to make her happy. That always sets me back on my heels to ponder what I am doing that lets life unravel my happiness — and the reminder of His love is always such a good thing. It keeps me reflective, careful and even sane. Good post, dear Shanda. I enjoyed it very much!

  2. cleaning the car with the toothbrush made me smile 🙂 Made me remember I had one friend growing up and they too had toothbrush escapades-some little person in their family actually used the toothbrush to clean the sink with. I’d pick cleaning the car over the sink, I think 🙂

  3. So precious to share your days and your love for your family. I was happy to hear that Rich was home safe with the freezing rain! Your Jacob is getting so tall and handsome, very like his dad. So nice to have a cookie baker too. I think your dog is so very very cute. My David and I love dogs, but Bob is not a dog lover, so our family has never been able to have one. One day Bob said, “what mom wants, mom gets”. David jumped right on it. “mom wants a dog! Mom tell Dad how much you want a dog!” LOL, you get the idea. Labs are my favorite breed. Oh my, to the clean car. I guess time for a talk about the proper tools for a job I like your inspirational photo inside your kitchen cupboard! Ramble, ramble. One more…I love doll houses, we had a great 3 story one my mom made. I loved riding my bike to a special doll shop that used to be in Laguna. I would save up to buy a doll or chair, and it made it so exciting. Have a sweet sleep. love, Jenny

  4. Great job with the cookies!!  You will love your scoop.  I got one a couple years back and love it.  Where did you get that doll house.  My daughter is requesting one for her bday (she will be five) and I just haven’t found the one that looks like you can actually play and enjoy it.  I don’t want one of those “prissy” doll houses that look like they wll break, but I didn’t want a “baby” one either.  Love that one you have.

  5. So many things make me smile in this post…..Sarah’s expression in the first picture, the way Jacob LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER NOW!!. Where has the time gone….I’ve been reading your blog for years and the kids have grown the most in just this past year…and Grace…how pretty she is! Just like her mama:) The dog made me chuckle with his bright pink tounge and David always looks like he is planning the next mischief !! The picture in your cupboard makes me miss my husband, Caleb reminds me of Austin. How old is Caleb?….Austin is 5…6 in Feb. Ethan looks happy and content. Did I miss anyone? Oh yes…Seth….Seth is the little toddler who goes with the flow….kind of blended into the big happy family. He’s quite contemt as long as mama is near enough…..Well those are the things that made me smile……Thank you so much for updating again….it truly is a bright spot in my day!

  6. This was such a fun post! I so enjoy hearing about your days. I don’t sew very well, but my mom has outfitted American Girl dolls quite nicely. She even attempted shoes this past year! They turned out so cute! She said though that she probably wouldn’t be doing that again because they were really really hard. I’m so thankful she’s willing to do that!

  7. Your day sounds like it was lovely.  You must have gotten our weather, sounds exactly like our yesterday!  Only we ended up getting snow at the end of the day again, around 5 inches.I love your real life kitchen!  Love the fiesta in the cabinets!  And  the picture hanging up, so cute. =)The car and the toothbrush, too funny! Have a great evening. =)

  8. Sometimes it is the most ordinary of days that is the most satisfying…although NO day with seven children could truly be considered ordinary! I love seeing your older children treating the younger ones so sweetly. That is precious!

  9. I really enjoy reading about your day.  I get to enjoy your snowstorms through your words.  I got my copy of We Took to the Woods the other day and started reading it.  It is a good, I’m not very far but I wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying it.  The author is from the area of MA that I’m from so I was excited to read that.

  10. The first two pictures made me smile! So cute! I just love the look on her face. Your Jacob does remind me of my hubby, especially the camo pants. He loved wearing those well into his adult years. : ) I like your real-life kitchen too! It looks like it’s hard at work. I especially like your picture in the cupboard. ; )

  11. love your everyday real life photos. precious. the top baby girl shots are darlingish – do you wonder how we get anything at all done when we could have the option of just kissing cheeks and squeezing softness?

  12. Loved this post! I had a rather difficult day, finally sat down a few minutes ago and you instantly had me smiling. I ordered We Took to  the Woods but it may be a few weeks before I sit and read it. I also just received One Thhousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I can’t wait to start it!!  Blessings~

  13. You write just like you talk, I love that about you!  I CANNOT imagine Parker in the house all the time!!!!!  I have been thinking about you all day and almost called.  Tell Jacob I skipped lunch because nothing in the house looked good, but his cookies sure look good!!!!!

  14. @mymeanderings – Joanna, tell me if you get this reply…I just had to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you too.  Isn’t God is so wonderful to help us along in our friendship?  I even bought and mailed you out a card today–it’s on it’s way from me to you.  It’s so neat that we were both on each other’s minds.

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