a valentine dress for sarah


heartI was going to make her a bonnet out of the same fabric but then I remembered that she had a hat that conveniently already matched the dress! heart I love it when that happens.

I sewed the dress–start to finish–yesterday afternoon.  heartIt’s the same pattern as the mushroom dress that I made her.  I learned how pleasant it is to do a pattern for the second time, I felt like I actually knew what I was doing.heart

Unfortunately I did make one mistake.  See how the bias tape around the neck is dark red? heart I sewed that on and then realized that I had grabbed the wrong color–I originally had a bright red picked out and there wasn’t enough of the dark red to do the sleeves.  So I did the sleeves in the beige color.  It bothers me slightly, but I decided it looks fine and she will most likely wear the dress with a sweater over the sleeves anyway.heart

heartRich is taking me out later and I will try to find some leggings or tights to go under.  Can’t have those cute little legs getting cold as she crawls around on the floor.heart

Hope you have a great day!heart

PS.  Grace and I are making American Girl doll clothes next.  Stay tuned!  heart

0 thoughts on “a valentine dress for sarah

  1. Love it!  It is nice to use a pattern for the second time, isn’t it?  The hat looks great with the dress, and of course they look so good because they are on Sarah!  Enjoy your time out with Rich later.  Love ya!

  2. Yes, making something the second time is always a pleasant surprise…so much easier! She looks so cute, and so does the dress. We spent hours yesterday at the fabric store. David wants us to make the quilt for his new bed ( which we haven’t even bought yet!) He wants one styled after Pottery Barn teen surfer look…and likes their quilt, but wants a quilt with more fill like a comforter. He is so undemanding most of the time, so I will probably go for it. I thought buying the quilt on sale was better though! My scissors are missing too!

  3. very cute! You should check out etsy and search for baby legs or crawler covers. You could probably make your own too. I bought a couple pairs for my little one and they are adorable.

  4. I think the mix up is adorable and adds some “cleverness” to it!!So sweet! Thanks for the post. I am looking forward to seeing the American Girl outfits too.My daughters would love for me to help them with something like that. Hard telling what they would look like….eeeekkk!!

  5. Way to go Shanda! I love that dress and know what you mean about the fun of using a familiar pattern. Also, that is great that you don’t let perfectionism (sleeve bias) get in the way of going ahead with your projects. Good reminder for me!Do you have patterns for the doll clothes? I thought Pleasant Company had stopped selling their doll clothes patterns, but years ago I bought the ones for (I think) Samantha, Kirsten, Addy, and Felicity. My mom has the ones for Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly (those were the three dolls my sisters and I had), and when we were growing up we received her homemade doll clothes for birthdays and Christmas. She even recycled an old (fake) fur coat to make the hat and muff for my Samantha doll. Sweet memories!I’m sorry I’ve been a stranger lately! Every since my laptop went out of commission a couple of years ago, it has been much harder to get to the computer. I think of you often!

  6. Sweet little dress.The contrasting color on the sleeves makes the dress look Amanda Soule-ish…The good part of the pattern is that it can be worn longer than a yoke dress. Add leggings or little slacks under it when the dress gets shorter.:)

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