~our newest little addition~



Our new baby has arrived, safe and sound!

Sarah Joy  was born on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 9:46 am.

She weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 21 inches long and is perfectly healthy.

The birth went well and we are so thankful for the prayers and love of our family and friends.

I’ll share more details eventually, once I am able.  For now, we rest and get to know our precious daughter.



0 thoughts on “~our newest little addition~

  1. Grace Looks so Sweet and Contented with her little sister–Congratulations to Rich You and all the children–You have so many friends. I was chatting with a friend on the computer a little while ago and she mentioned you She was talking about Polly–Mary Ann they are from my aera–I know them well–I do need your address please. Merle–So sorry I misplaced what you sent, So much is happening in my life continually I need to be cut again–Later

  2. Shanda, my father Albert from i_will_be_OK asked me to congratulate you on the baby girl. He is in the hospital, unable to move, in terrible pain. Please pray for him in the moments you are able. If you wish, you can see updates on caringbridge.org/visit/albertmast.

  3. Congrats!! I wish this site would let me see the photos though!!!! Wishing you the very best as you raise another beautiful girl. Praise God all went well, I prayed for you.

  4. She is beautiful….looks just like one of her big brothers… can’t remember which one, though. Congratulations and hoping that all is going well in your busier-than-ever household. What a blessing! Sarah is my daughter’s name…I pray that your Sarah is as much a blessing as ours has been to us for 35 years.

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