a pretty little lunch



I thought it would be nice to have a bowl of homemade chicken salad in the fridge this week.

There’s just something girly about it, and it makes me feel like I’m enjoying a little getaway for the soul when I’m eating it outside at the little table on the porch, in the singing spring air, with a book in my other hand, and off a gold-edged china plate. 

Sweet daughter Grace likes it, too.  It’s a treat for the ladies of the house. 




0 thoughts on “a pretty little lunch

  1. Looks pretty.  So nice you have a girlie to enjoy the “pretties”.  Isn’t it funny how girls can love all those details and the boys are fine with a crumpled up sandwich just handed to them as they run by…:).  That recipe sounds yummy.  I like all those flavors put together…my husband, not so much.  (doesn’t like fruit mixed in with stuff:)…guess it’s another “guy” thing).

  2. Reminds me of what Diana says to Anne in the movie, Anne of Avonlea -“I wish I were rich and could spend my whole summer at a hotel, eating ice cream and chicken salad!” šŸ™‚

  3. Chicken salad is great! The way you talked about it feeling like a girly thing reminds me Anne of Green Gables…when Dianna talks about how she’d love to be rich stay at that hotel and eat chicken salad sandwiches! It’s in Anne of Avonlea I think., can’t remember forsure which one?

  4. My girls have been asking for this all week…..must be something to do with Spring Fever and Hormones :)I probably wouldn’t have thought to make it so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration šŸ™‚ You definitely have a gift for making the simple things special. What a blessing for your sweet family!

  5. Sounds yummy! I like grapes in my chicken salad and seasoned salt too. It peculiar though, that I would never in a million gazillion years, dip grapes in mayonaise….Go figure šŸ˜‰

  6. I sighed a sigh of relief coming here. Then I looked back a little ways and saw that you had struggled. Blessings darling girl. Breathe, rest, stare at things when you can, put your feet in soft things, and listen to soft music and eat chicken salad in pretty dishes. The time will come when, looking back, your heart will yearn for such a time as this. I do. Sending spring-soaked Southern hugs.m in sc.

  7. I LOVE chicken salad. I think I just may have to make me some. šŸ™‚ I made my favorite curried chicken stirfry yesterday and I still have some more boneless chicken breats. Yep I think it is time for some chicken salad to be in my fridge here! Not for long though! LOL

  8. Between the comments here and the post about your traveling dreams from last weekend, Anne of Green Gables is definitely on my mind now! I just bought the entire Anne series (8 books) for a few dollars at a resale shop last summer, and I think I will pull them out and start re-reading them this weekend! Chicken salad has also been on my mind lately! Yours looks so yummy. I have never heard of using cheddar cheese as an ingredient; it sounds really good! Yesterday and today, I made 20 quarts of chicken stock (my first time to be able tolerate the smell and make it since I got pregnant), using 4 chickens to make it. I am preparing some meals for when my family visits in June, but I may have to use some of that meat for a chicken salad for myself, right now.Speaking of “made with love,” I have something special all packaged up and ready to mail you this afternoon, and as soon as Lee awakes from his nap we are going to the post office. I just wish it could have arrived while Rich was gone, to bring some cheer during his absence. I am praying for you!

  9. JUST made chicken salad for our lunch yesterday with much the same ingredients as yours here.  Celery, apples, raisins, mayo, and chicken.  It was simple and delicious and my boys gobbled it up.  Glad you enjoyed yours as well.  And your presentation of this post is beautiful!

  10. I just love this post—you have such a way of making the simple things in life seem so special.  How special for you to enjoy a lovely lunch with your girls !!!  Pretty soon little Sarah will be enjoying all these sweet moments with you and Grace.I’m going to write down the recipe, it looks so good.  Thanks, Shanda, for showing me to appreciate and enjoy all the many special moments!!!

  11. Looks like something my girls would love for me to take the time to do with them…eating outside and pretty dishes.  Looks so inviting!  Glad you carved out the time to make memories!

  12. I’m always making chicken salad; my daughter craves it and I love it, too. I put grapes in mine and leave out the onions. Instead of lemon juice, I’ve used orange juice or even a splash of plum juice or pomegranate green tea. I think tomorrow will have to be another chicken salad day for Brianne and me! Mmmm, mmm, GOOD!

  13. What is it about chicken salad that makes it a ladies dish? My husband doesn’t care for the fruit in it, but I think that adds so much to it! And serving food on a fancy plate – sure beats plastic or paper. I sometimes like to serve picnic food with goblets and gold-rimmed plates. The flowers in the tea cup added just the right touch to your picture!

  14. I make my salad with walnuts or pecans, celery, pineapple chunks, purple grapes (or raisins if I don’t have grapes) and a large amount of curry powder is stirred into the mayo before mixing it up. Another fancy and girly way is to serve them on croissants you’ve split open (but not cut all the way through). I’m on my own mission to find unmatched, cheap china bread plates for our little girly breaks around here! Ahhhhh . . . . such pampering!

  15. As many of the other comments suggested, there is just something about spring time and chicken salad. In fact, “my” Kate and I ventured out today, landed at one of the local Bob Evans. I ordered their chicken salad platter with fruit. The menu stated that the chicken salad had red grapes and pecans in it. Never did find any pecans :-{  And their salad was w-a-y to mayo-ie. The mayo taste over road any other tastes. Aw well, I guess I’ll just have to get brave and make my own. (I have made it often – the brave part has to do with cutting stuff up and still having some vertigo). I got a few different recipes for it, but I’ve a hankering for one in particular …I have hosted a few different “tea parties” the last few years. While I absolutely adore “Anne of Green Gables” (some of your other commenters commented on her, AND Kate and I discussed her today ;-p), I can say that mine never had the kind of disaster that her’s and Diane’s did – LOL!!!Mine were all “themed” ones. I used the log cabin style lodge that our church owns, had ‘theme’ appropriate decorations all around, played ‘theme’ appropriate games and served little sandwiches, veggie pizza, fruits and dip and veggies and dip, choc. dipped strawberries, and a couple other cute desserts.One was a “children’s” tea party – for ladies 20 years old and up. Remember when you use to “play” tea party …. one little table was set with childhood sized tea set, and one of each of my sons favorite stuffed animals from their youth. Behind it on the wall hung some adorable “girlie” young child sized outfits.  There was a “dress-up” area – numerous different outfits (dresses like grandma wore, and a few older styled prom type of dresses), hats, shoes, gloves, etc. like you might find if you rummaged in an old attic. (Goodwill and mission store finds :->)  We played “charades”. Everybody had to draw a paper from a basket – on them were written things having to do with a girls child hood. From doll, to jump rope, to daddy, to ice cream cone, etc.. It was so-o-o much fun!!! I had two ladies on one couch, both of whom were in their 80’s, giggling!!!One was a “Royal” tea party. I had found a beautiful royal purple table cloth. I borrowed silver candelabria and silver tea service. The food was served on silver trays and crystal platters. We ate off of the ’70’s glass tea platters/sets I had got some of from my mom and then added to. The place was decked out – even a red plastic table cloth cut in half and used as a runner at the entrance :-} The attendee’s were encouraged to dress up for it, and most did. So fun!!! Our game was practicing our “princess moves”, we’d watch a clip from “Princess Diaries” and then two or three ladies had to personnally demonstrate it. We were a bunch of only slightly dignified hams!!! o;-pAnd there were a couple of others. Thanks for the smile filled memories you just brought to mind.Have a positive day my friend,Cheryl B.http://thebzhousethatlovebuilt.blogspot.com

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