(We have little leaves!)

Today is my husband’s birthday, and he took the day off from work so he could enjoy it.  He’s outside running right now, and his chocolate birthday cake is in the oven baking, so I have a few minutes to sit and post some pictures from our day so far.

We have had a lot of rain lately, and since we live by a stream and a watershed area, we went for an early morning (it was about 9am) walk with the children to see how much the water had risen. 

Rich carried Seth, and Seth loved being outside in the fresh air.


This is normally a regular sized stream; for now, it’s spread out way past it’s banks.


It was a wet walk.

Caleb got up on a big rock.



Grace Lillian



Back at home, we let out the chickens and they were ready and anxious to be outside after being *cooped up* in the coop for two very rainy days.  They went straightaway to the puddles, to get a nice cold drink……



This past Monday, after I dropped Jacob, Ethan, and Grace off for their music lessons, I took David, Caleb, and Seth to the mall and bought Rich some birthday gifts.

Consequently, we went out today, so he could make returns.  LOL

Actually, I didn’t do too bad.  We only had to return a few items, and it was fun to be walking around the mall with him and just the little boys. 

(What I bought for him, just in case you need ideas, which I personally always need, because buying for my husband is so hard:  ties (he wears them to work once in a while, and to church), cologne (one of the items to return because I didn’t realize it was the same exact scent that my Dad wears!  I can’t have my husband smelling like my Daddy!)  ummmm, oh yes, a stack of new magazines of his interests, new running shorts, shirt, and socks, “gourmet” jerky (a sampler of different meats and different flavors), a cheddar cheese gift basket (crackers w/cheese is his favorite snack so I thought he would like to try different kinds from around the world), a book (the one linked at the end of this post, very interesting!), and ear buds for his ipod (also returned).  Caleb got him some practice golf balls and Davy got him golf tees.)

At the mall today, I made out pretty well, too.  I had read about a new perfume (One Summer) in the current Real Simple magazine, and I went to Macy’s to smell it.  Rich liked it a lot, and bought it for me.  I also went to the Clinique counter and made a purchase (bronzer) so I could get their free bonus make up kit. 

We ate lunch at the mall.  I had two handsome men sitting across from me.

(Actually, just this morning, I was getting Seth ready to go and when I called out for Rich, “Where did my handsome man go?”  Rich yelled from the bedroom, “I’m in here!” and Caleb yelled, “I’m upstairs!” both at the same time.

Caleb is at a delightful age, just about everything he says makes me laugh.

For instance, today (just a little while ago) I was hunting for a cake mix, he was right next to me, and I was searching and saying, “OOOOH, I hope I have one, oh yes!  I do! Here it is!!!” and he gave me this counsel: “You better pray and thank the Lord.”



I had Rich take a picture of Sethie and me, too:


It was a nice lunch, we laughed, Rich enjoyed his food, I enjoyed mine, and the boys ate like little piggies.

I looked up a poem that I copied out in my journal when Rich and I were first married.  It means so much more to me now that it did back then:

“Little Things”

Why do I love you–for the gifts you bring
The pretty things that anyone could buy?
Ah, you are more to me than breath could sing,
Than tongue could tell, however hard I try.
I love you for the thrill of your hand on mine
Can give, like fire running through dry grass;
I love you for the pregnant silence, dear,
That falls upon our souls like God’s own peace.
And for our trust at death alone to cease,
Such little things to love you for, you say?
You know what’s locked within my heart each day!
~Elizabeth Shaw Montgomery

I’m thanking God extra today, in honor of Rich’s birthday.  I’m so grateful for my husband, and every part of our life together.

P.S.  We just put the kids to bed after indulging in the birthday cake…it was so yummy!  Here’s THE RECIPE.

P.S.S. Seth said “kitty” tonight.  Sooooooooo cute!

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  1. Oh thank you for sharing your special day. Seth and Rich look so cute/handsome together….esp. like that first shot. And Grace, what a stunning picture of her in her bright Fuchsia against the forest. Caleb is looking so big…more like Davey. The things he said were so dear. I love that replying at the same time. I say, “Honey?” looking for Bob and I get several answers around the house because they are all my honeys! So then I say, “Big Honey!” lol. They are all big now. Love the picture of you and Seth too. What is the name of the colognes that you liked? Bob wanted one,and I need some pointers. Wonderful poem. Happy Happy Birthday to Rich!!

  2. I too, think the picture of Grace is striking.  Love the color of her jacket.  Happy Birthday to Rich!  He would probably enjoy some of Ryan’s moose jerky.  Just think, soon you will have another beautiful girl to add to the mix of all those handsome men around you.  Have a wonderful evening, and enjoy some birthday cake!

  3. Wow I was going to say the same thing about Grace!!! lol, I promise I am not “following” the crowd!!! That is her color! It is a wonderful picture of her!!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day!!  Don’t we all need those!  Love the picture of the chickens…the colors are so bold.  You daughter looks lovely in that pink:).  Happy Birthday to your husband.

  5. oh my goodness i loved every moment of this post. i really loved the picture of seth and rich in the forest and the one of grace was phenomenal. such a beautiful girl..and growing up so quickly. i loved that story about caleb and rich both being your ‘good looking men’…so sweet. Mr seth is getting sooo big and is such a cutie. those big eyes get me every time. i hope that Rich had a blessed birthday. sounds like you guys had a great time at the mall as well.

  6. always enjoy your posts.  i couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful moss on the rocks and trees.  we’ve been enjoying going out in search of it in the woods and i use it to create beautiful things for our house.  I’m always amazed @ how God’s creation can give us so much creativity to put to good use.

  7. Wow I cannot believe how big the stream is!!!!I am so happy you got Summer I still want to smell the others ones as well.  I am still wearing blue which I love but it is more Fall/Winter-ish.  Does Summer have any floral hints in it?You did very well for Rich, I am sure he was happy!  Very cool he stayed home, that was a gift for you as well!The colors jump out at me in this photos, the moss, the feathers on the chickens, the new leaves, everything is so bright when it is wet!

  8. I too was going to comment on the picture of Grace – she is beautiful!!! Outwordly, but you can also see her inner beauty shinning out of her eyes and smile!  A few more years and your going to be assigning her brothers guard duty!!!And your picture of the chickens turned out magnificently!! Honest. I think that you ought to enlarge and frame it!!!I also stopped by to ask you to go check out what I posted on our blog today. Some dear Christian friends of ours have started a new business – making banners. They’ve done them for years . … but now, due to his job down sizing and letting him go, they are going into real business doing banners. my blog http://thebzhousethatlovebuilt.blogspot.com will lead you to their blog. Thanks for your comment on my post about ‘good ole vinegar to the rescue’. I like getting comments!!!Cheryl B.

  9. that is such a pretty shot of Grace!happy birthday to Rich~ he’s blessed w/ one of the best gifts ever.. a super sweet family!i love all the green moss all over the rocks! just such a great fun time of year all around. =)

  10. And here I am, another fan of Grace! Her natural beauty truly shows in this picture. You should have an enlarged print made, frame it and hang it. Then do the same with the chicken one! It’s adorable! Happy B’day to your Rich! He is a blessed man!

  11. That photo of the chickens almost looks like a painting! I love it! Happy (late) birthday to your wonderful Rich. He is a blessed man! What riches he has in you and his children. I guess he is named rightly, for indeed, he is rich.

  12. lol at “Where did my handsome man go?” That is so cute! Happy Birthday to Rich! I’m going to check out your new perfume. I’ve been looking for a new scent. Too bad your blog wasn’t “scratch and sniff,” but then again, the smell might interfere with the chickens. :o) Seriously though, Joel has been talking about getting them. I’ll have to pick your brain about that. Such a beautiful day! Enjoy it, sweet Mamma.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Rich!  Caleb’s bit of wisdom is so cute…my older son was looking for something and when he found it he excitedly thanked God for helping him find it.  I learn so much from them!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Rich! Your woods look so pretty, as spring is beginning to peek out here and there. Grace looks good and you look good, too! BTW (re: your last post) – Is your refrigerator 27 cubic feet? And, how do you like the freezer on the bottom. Jesse and I keep thinking the freezer on the bottom would be terribly inconvenient. What’s your opinion?

  15. Happy Birthday to your husband! After seeing pictures from around you, the antique stores you visit and the quaint little place set back in time that you visited awhile ago I am putting a bug in my husbands ear to plan a visit to that side of the US. I assume you are in MA? If you ever have an extra time. I know silly right? I would love for you to share your most favorite places around the area. Our family loves history and science…And shopping of course too. 🙂 I love visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  16. We also have little leaves – at last!When I saw the picture of sweet grace in her pink sweatshirt, my heart skipped a beat – she looks like a miniature version of her lovely mother! Such a simple, fresh beauty about her.I love you for mentioning having to return some of Rich’s birthday gifts, that made me feel so much better. My husband is a hard one to buy for too, but what makes it worse is that he is always so thoughtful and creative in selecting the perfect gifts for me!

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