come for a visit, dear friends


I hope everyone has had a nice day so far!  Today was the day our maids came, do you remember last time how hard it was for me to get the house ready for them to clean?  Well, we were determined to be more careful about cleaning up after ourselves for the last two weeks and I think we did pretty well, sort of.  It was still hectic yesterday afternoon and this morning, but we all worked together and got it done.  With no tears.  Some yelling, yes, but no crying.

We left the house just as the maids were getting here, and I took the children to Costco so they could work in peace.  We dropped off library books on the way, and also some bags of clothes.  My goal at Costco was to get some healthy snacks for myself, so we had fun picking out some nuts, dried fruit, low-fat cottage cheese, whole wheat bread, and other things.  It wasn’t a big trip this time……it’s a good thing because now that I’m 24 weeks pregnant (and feeling like I’m nine months already) my lower back is starting to hurt more, and I get so tired out.  I keep reminding myself that I will be back to normal again someday.  These tired feelings, and slow moving body, are worth it when I think of the new baby coming.

We ate lunch at Costco and then came home just as the maids were leaving.  They had been here for two hours, cleaning, and the house looked great.  I thought it would be fun, after putting away all our groceries, to walk around and take a picture of each room of the house.

Ready for a tour? 

We’ll start out upstairs.

This is Seth’s room.  It is also the guest room, when we have people over.  The bed is full-sized and very comfy.


This is the upstairs hallway.  I am standing in Seth’s doorway taking the picture…Grace’s room is straight ahead, the office is to the left (and also the stairs), and the bathroom is to the right. 


This is the upstairs bathroom, where the little boys have their baths, and the other kids shower.  I hang out in here a lot, giving Seth a bath.  It’s usually a fun, relaxing time when I can sit and play with him, and maybe even leaf through a magazine, sitting on the floor by the tub.

When I took this shot, I realized that this bathroom could use some sort of decoration.  Maybe some pictures on the walls and a rug on the floor.  This is kinda boringish.


Grace’s room is next.  We all worked with her today, standing her books back up on the shelves.  There is another shelf of them on the opposite wall.  I see the curtain is still tied in a knot…I did that this morning as we cleaned behind the bookcase.  She keeps her American Girl stuff in her cedar chest at the end of the bed.  Hannah, do you see the quilt on top? 

By the way, we did not paint the walls this color, it was like this when we moved in and Grace liked it.  It’s a bit bright for my taste, but since she likes it we saved ourselves some work.


This is the third bedroom upstairs.  We use it for an office/schoolroom now.  The boys were online, buying a Narnia book (the Focus on the Family dramatized version) for Jacob’s ipod.


Okay, from the stairs I took this picture of the livingroom.  I keep the blanket on the back of the couch because the kids are constantly running their hands down the back of it, which highly annoys me.


At the bottom of the stairs we have the master bedroom to the left.  We don’t have air conditioning in this house, so there is a ceiling fan in every room.  The top of my dresser is the baby’s changing area.  🙂


The master bath (and I come across Seth).  He really loves this place.  I have a big jacuzzi tub here (to the right of the cedar chest), and there is a separate shower stall, and a little room (to the side of Seth) with the toilet in it. 


Another corner of the master bedroom.


My calendar on the wall is my day-planner…everything gets marked on here, and it never gets lost.


Back out into the main section of the house, past the livingroom, here is the kitchen.  We spend so much time here.  After we moved in almost four years ago, we had to buy a new fridge and a new microwave…we are working on getting black appliances and when the dishwasher goes (it is on it’s last legs) it will also be black.  I want to get a rug for in front of the sink.


This half bath is off the dining area of the kitchen.  One time, a few years ago, Caleb flushed a big Thomas train down this toilet and we had to call someone to come break it up and plunge it out.  Yep.


Down the basement steps we go, to the boys’ room.

David, in a fit of thoughtlessness, drew bats all over the wall above his bed a few months ago.  He learned about bats at school and wanted to BE one.  The white paper is a drawing of his latest admired animal…the sloth…wasn’t it nice that he drew it on paper this time?  David and Caleb like to get on top of that bookcase between their beds and jump, so I hear.  They also jump from bed to bed.


This is the other side of their room.  We had the basement refinished about two years ago and we love it.  They have a big built in bookcase down there that’s not in the picture, and a closet.  It’s a great place for them to play and spend time together (jumping on beds, writing on walls, and such naughty things like that).


And that’s that for the rooms.  I also took these pictures…….of a few little things around the house.

This is a cross stitched wall hanging that I bought for 2 dollars at a thrift store.


And this is a picture that hung in my childhood home, Mom was getting rid of things and gave it to me.  I love it.


And this is what I decided to do with some of my antique compact collection.  I looped an old piece of lace from them and dangled them from the knobs on my china cabinet.  As I run around during the day, it’s little things like this that make me happy, a small bit of prettiness, just for me.


We have been living in this house for almost four years.  I was blogging here at xanga during the time we moved here.  It is our dream home and we don’t plan on moving again… feels nice to be settled and, little by little, turn our house into a home.

Thanks for stopping by my place today!  You are welcome here, anytime! 

Much love~ Shanda


0 thoughts on “come for a visit, dear friends

  1. The best part of my sisters house threw my eyes:  The smells of candels burning, great home made foods, the sweet children, SHANDA (and Rich LOL), the cozy home feeling, the fire place, the sun light, the feeling of contentment, and honestly when I walk in their house it feels like home. ~sissy

  2. I have got to get on over there. I would love to let you snuggle up on the couch, make you some tea, and visit while you prop your feet up. Love ya, Shanda!!! Have a GREAT day.

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