Ethan’s music

Jacob recorded Ethan’s guitar recital on his IPOD and we finally figured out how to get it on my blog.   I’m hoping to post more videos here on my site….now that my mom and dad have high speed internet this will be a good way for them to see their grands in action.

I hope all of you enjoy~  Love, Shanda


0 thoughts on “Ethan’s music

  1. Ethan, Coco and I sat here rocking back and forth and smiling while we listened!  You did a great job, I wish I could have been there in person.  The guitar is SUCH a cool instrument to know how to play!

  2. What a great job!!  I love when the teachers play with the “new” students.  It definately doesn’t seem as frightening and their part enhances the student!!  Love guitar music and love the portability of it too. 

  3. Great job!  Proud mom, dad & siblings!  How sweet of Jacob to do that so grandma & grandpa can share the joy of hearing thier grandson play!  What a thoughtful thing for him to do!

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this!!! I was soooo excited to be able to watch and listen to Ethan play, and impressed to say the least! His tone is so clear, and he keeps such an even tempo all the way through (one of the greatest challenges for me as a teacher was not only getting students to count correctly, but to maintain a steady tempo). Could you tell me, though, is he playing the melody or accompaniment in each song? I would assume the melody, but I kept straining to see his fingers on the strings and couldn’t tell for sure. CONGRATULATIONS Jacob and count me among your fans! And, any time Ethan can upload a video of one of your kids’ music recitals or performances, I will be an eager listener! What a treat – thanks again for sharing!

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