new curtains & gingerbread houses

Our new curtains were installed yesterday afternoon and the children are just as pleased with them as Rich and I are.  They make the windows seem bigger and the room brighter. 




Yesterday we put together the gingerbread houses.  This is the first year we did two, instead of just one. 

I buy the kits at Costco. 

David came home from school at 3:30 with something he had made;


And then we got to work on our houses.  Jacob, Ethan, and Grace did one by themselves, and I did one with David and Caleb.


Seth was really interested in what was going on.  But, he was such a busy-body that he was put on the floor and had a melt down.  Jacob thought his noise was enough to raise the roof.  This was just as soon as we were getting started and I wondered, “Was this a good idea?”  David was already bossing Caleb around, I couldn’t find Seth’s pacifier, so I had to call a time out until we got him settled down……..(he was put on the couch with his pacifier).

And we began again.


For a few minutes, Caleb and David were QUIETLY concentrating on what they were doing.


Although it was difficult (we broke several pieces and put our back wall together upside down and the roof was sliding down and so on……) we ended up with a half way decent gingerbread house.


Jacob, Ethan, and Grace did MUCH better with theirs, but I didn’t even get a picture of it, it was quite crazy for me, dealing with everything going on.  Their house was color coordinated, neat, and thoughtful.  What a difference a few years makes. 

Seth fell asleep even with all the activity going on behind him.


In the evening, after it got dark, I turned off all the lights except for the tree and window lights.  I lit a candle and called the children to the table.  We began reading a book for the advent season that a friend here on xanga recommended to me.  I was supposed to start reading it on November 29, when advent began, so we will have to catch up somehow, the book didn’t come until yesterday, I had ordered it from  It was a special time, they did really well listening to the story and I tried my best to read it in a very thoughtful and interesting way.

This morning has already been busy.  Caleb woke us up at 4 and Rich couldn’t get back to sleep so he got up.  I was restless because I kept hearing him walk around.

He left for work at 6 and at 6:04, I found Caleb and Seth like this;


So, I was up and at ’em at 6:04 this morning, serving a bottle and cereal and keeping Caleb out of the gingerbread house candy.  It’s snowing outside and it’s a snowday.

Caleb and Seth were both so grumpy that by 8 they were both put back to bed.

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, and so is the prospect of the entire day before me” ~mom of six



0 thoughts on “new curtains & gingerbread houses

  1. The curtains are lovely. I’m still thinkig baout mak,ing gingerbread houses. I do know though, that although I only have 4 children, the 2 little ones won’t make it easy. Those thoughts make me feel like a not so great mommy sometimes. I’m still dreaming of snow. It is windy and raining cats and dogs in NJ today. I keep trying to get my husband to move a bit north but so far no luck   Praying you get some rest today,6:04 is way too early.Have a wonderful day~

  2. Your today sounds like my Monday! I started whispering and refused to answer the children unless they spoke in quiet voices! LOL!Are those gingerbread houses worth eating, or really hard to bite into? I saw them at Sam’s last week and contemplated buying one.Your living/family room is looking more and more like mine. Are your walls yellow gold? I have 2 barn red accent walls and the others are cream. I’m thinking of changing to dark gold accent walls and the other walls pale gold. I love your carpet and new valance!

  3. The new curtains really look beautiful and open the room to so much light!  I think the Gingerbread house you and the littles did is beautiful.  Have a blessed day.

  4. The curtains look so nice in there!  And the gingerbread houses, fun, fun, at least for the younuns…your last statement made me smile….hope it turns out to be “less-frightful” for you….Blessings~

  5. LOVE the curtains the patern on the fabric is just the right colors love how its tying it all together…..and it must look so fresh and open with the light coming in~ the ginger bread house is cute and I am excited to do ours. Davids Gingerbread man that he made in school is so adorable all of you should sit down and make one resembling yourselfs (get out some yarn for Graces hair and put an apron on yours LOL) Loved talking with you this morning you have brightened my day! love ya Sissy

  6. Those curtains are gorgeous! I have fond memories of various gingerbread houses–one that Mom and I built at a homeschool project out of graham crackers, which was so elaborate we had to insert cardboard inside to keep the roof from collapsing, and the best one that was a huge family project one Christmas at my aunt’s house, involving many aunts, uncles, and cousins, and which turned out AMAZING. Unfortunately, we put it in the oven to keep it safe until my aunt was going to make dinner, and my uncle decided (for the first time in their married life) to be helpful and turn the oven on early for her … end result, burned gingerbread house. I think we made my uncle eat on the porch that year!

  7. Love your new curtains! How pretty they look. The whole room is so homey and beautiful. I would love to have an oriental rug like that, makes the room so rich. I think the best accent in the room is that little Seth asleep on the couch. What a good mom, and such fun for the kids making those houses. I never felt like I had enough hands. Great idea to do two of them. I am hoping to make some gingerbread cookies next week. We bought Bob a train cookie cutter in Colorado. Haha, I can hear the train whistle down in the valley just as I wrote that!Bob read Jotham’s journey to David several years ago. They had a good time with that as an advent story. May the Lord bless your day sweet mother of six! Maybe some good snow play will wear everyone out for a rest later.

  8. LOL! I love your quote at the end – these are days I so relate to. Your living room looks awesome and I really love the curtains. Good job expending all that effort to give your kids a fun Christmas tradition!! 🙂

  9. Love the curtains!  They really do make the window look different!  I just had to laugh to myself when you retold about your gingerbread house making.  sounds like something that would happen around here.  Love the way your little one started out sitting in the middle of the table.  (ready for some action).Hope you have peaceful wintery day.  Seems like the snow always gets mine wound up and hard to keep them focused and out of trouble:).Oh, and I love the Jingle Cats song on your site.  It makes me smile when I get to your site and it is playing.

  10. The curtains are so pretty!  You guys did a great job on the gingerbread house!  Your post of the cinnamon rolls look so good in your previous post.  Can you post the recipe?  My kids love those to.   How sweet Seth looks sleeping away on the couch.

  11. EVERYTHING looks beautiful in your house…kids included. I always wanted to make a gingerbread house but the box ones look too simple and to do it from scratch is, well, I don’t have enough energy to attempt that. Since my nest is empty anyway, it wouldn’t be as much fun. Have a wonderful day. God bless!!

  12. Oooh, I love your curtains and your tree! Beautfiul! What fun making the gingerbread houses. We were going to make them but my friend said the kits from Costco were really hard to work with and that they didn’t stick together well. Yours looks great! Did you have a lot of trouble with it?Have you ever tried the graham cracker houses? We are resorting to those instead & doing them with our co-op next week.LOVE the picture of David coming up the steps with his sweet little creation. 🙂

  13. The new curtains are beautiful! I love it!We have a little gingerbread house kit sitting on top of the fridge waiting to be made:) Soon I’ll be posting about the crazyness of making it too:):):)

  14. We are also reading Jotham’s Journey this year.  There are three books in the series and we have been reading them as a family for quite a few years now, switching off every advent.  We really, really enjoy the stories!  Your curtains look very nice. =)  Have a fun snow day!  We are having one of those too.  It’s still snowing and we have around 11 inches on the ground!

  15. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and this is my first time commenting. I absolutely adore the stories you tell about your children (who are all so cute!) and really, it brightens my day. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  16. lovely curtains! and those pictures of seth are just so cute. it sounds like you are having a lovely though busy start to the holiday season i hope it continues to go well

  17. Good Afternoon,We just bought a 109 year old Victorian home and I LOVE the color in your living room.  Do you by chance know what paint you used and the name of the color.  It is the perfect color that I have been looking for to go with our red couch that has pillows with that color in it.  If you get a chance, could you let me know.  I would really appreciate it 🙂  Have a wonderful day!!

  18. great curtains~ really helps tie the room together well.making gingerbread houses is so fun. i found a recipe in a martha stewart mag. a few yrs ago where she made them out of graham crackers.. they’re smaller, but really cute. 🙂

  19. I love the picture of Seth asleep on the couch and how you caught all of the ‘action’ in the background. 🙂 The picture of Caleb in bed with Seth made me chuckle, although I know it was probably not a chuckling matter for you.I think David and Caleb’s house looks GREAT!…and David’s Gingerbread man is sweet. 🙂

  20. It all looks great. I was thinking of getting the gingerbread kit, but I just couldn’t do it. I think I’ll wait until they’re older!!! 🙂 Check out my latest post today–I made a tree skirt!!!

  21. Love the window treatment….looks like a Waverly print of some sort. Your color combo is similar to mine.Our kids made the g-bread houses from graham crackers. The kits look easier to do. J always looks at them and wants to buy one. Maybe this year. She just finished her masters yesterday!!!! YAY! No more papers!

  22. The new curtains are beautiful!  It really does make the room brighter.  We tried to make gingerbread houses last year w/o much success.  When I was in the grocery store the other day I saw where you can buy the houses already made and you just have to decorate them.  I may try that this year.  I think the boys would enjoy putting gobs of candy on the house.

  23. 4 AM! YIKES! I hope your day wasn’t as bad as anticipated. You can always bundle them up and kick them out of the house for a while… well, except for Sethie! I think your new curtains are wonderful! It’s amazing how they can change a room. Any other chickens got the hang of egg laying yet?

  24. So comfy/cozy here at your blog, Shanda. I love your curtains! They look beautiful in your festive living room. I love your heart, too! It’s even more beautiful than your living room. :o) Merry Christmas!

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